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In today’s busy world where you constantly wish you had more than 24 hours in a day, you can’t afford to lose even a second. With so many activities to handle, you definitely can’t allow any precious minute of your time to waste away.

Sitting on a train or a bus for more than an hour doing absolutely nothing every day can quickly get boring. Plus, to people who are focused, it’s time-wasting.

So, how can you make your commuting time more productive and a moment to look forward to? Here’s the answer.

Make phone calls

While it may be inappropriate to make business or work-related calls when commuting, you can make casual calls to friends and family. Such a task may appear insignificant but the reality is, you’ll have reduced that particular day’s-to-do-list. In addition, if you will be on the train for an hour or more and you are getting late for a meeting, you can set up a telephonic meeting during commuting time. Just ensure you choose a place that’s not very noisy for easier communication.

Listen to music

Instead of sitting there and dreading the hours, you’ll be on that train before you reach your destination, download your favourite playlist and listen to it as you commute. Music is food to the soul. If you are stressed, music can help you to relax and unwind. Such that by the time you are reaching home after a long busy day, you are well relaxed and prepared to pamper the loved ones you left behind with love. Frustrations come but how you handle them is what matters. Make your commuting time your therapy session with your favourite music.

Watch live TV

You shouldn’t get to work late because you were watching your favourite morning TV show while there are so many apps that stream live TV you can install on your phone. You just need to have fast uninterrupted data connectivity preferably 3G or Wi-Fi. Also, although the app might be free, the channels will come with charges. Over the same, the costs may not be a concern when you look at the convenience it is giving you. Knowing that you have a chance to watch the news or your favourite program even if you don’t get home on time can give you so much peace.

Browse the internet

You remember that word you read somewhere and you couldn’t figure out its meaning? How about that soup you’ve been meaning to get the recipe for? The truth is, there are so many things we would love to know more about them, their pros and cons but because of time, we keep on postponing the search.

As long as your phone has enough power and data bundles, you have a good time to Google all those things you want to know more about without interfering with your busy daily schedule. Don’t be left in the dark when you have a smartphone that can help stay informed.

Pay your bills

If you have a busy daily schedule like most people, you may forget to pay your bills on time. Instead of striving to make the payment when you have other things to take care of in the office or at home, why not pay all those bills during the commuting time? Although there are still some bills that require paperwork, most bills can be paid through the various phone apps available these days. Be smart and add value to your commute time.

Win some money

With all those online casinos and gambling apps, if you have this passion, you’re only one tap away from your favorite game. And if it also gets you some money in the morning, or in the evening after work, why shouldn’t you do it while commuting? Take 918kiss for example, one click or tap and you’re ready to go for some gambling thrills. Imagine the faces of the others commuters when they’ll see you win big.

Watch YouTube tutorials

If you love to learn simple skills such as trimming eyebrows, applying nail polish, beautifying your dining area and such things, you can get all this information on youtube. The problem is that most people are too busy to spare a few minutes to watch such videos and learn a few tricks. But now you have a solution. When you commute to and from work, use that moment to watch the tutorials. That way, you won’t feel like that time is wasted and you’ll have learnt a lot of life hacks without interfering with your daily schedules.

Register an online course

If you want to put your commuting time to better use, register for a simple online course. Don’t underestimate what such a short time can do considering people go to class for hours. Surprisingly, you can learn a new skill or language in just thirty minutes a day for a period of one month or two. However, for this plan to work, you have to have an uninterrupted commute time of at least 30 minutes to one hour. That’s because you’ll need enough time to concentrate on the lessons to learn something.

Plan your day

A lot of people end up with a bad day because they fail to plan for their day on time. If you know you are not in a position to plan for your next day’s activities the previous night, then purpose to do it while commuting to work.

It may not be a very good idea to assume that you’ll be doing it the first thing when you get to the office. A lot can happen. You can meet with your colleagues at the reception and by the time you are getting a chance to sit at your office desk, there is so much to do and you don’t even know where to begin. These are signs of confusion and before you realize it, the day will be coming to end and you will not have accomplished your daily goals. If you want to be an organized person, plan your day before you begin working.

Read an eBook

You don’t have to stop reading books because carrying a hard copy when going to and from work is inconveniencing you. With a smartphone, you just need to download your favourite eBook and be reading it whenever you get time.

Add value to your commuting time

Instead of sleeping or absent-mindedly gazing at the surroundings, make your commuting time more productive. Do things that can add value to your career and your life in general. Unlike in the past when most electronic gadgets were not portable, you can carry your smartphone everywhere you go. Make good use of it and utilize the money you used to buy it. Hence, make sure your phone is fully charged before you leave the house. You can as well invest in a power bank. It will help save the situation in case you forget to charge your phone or it runs out of power before you arrive at your destination. Transform your boring commute to a smart commute today and you’ll become a happier person.


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