One of the most significant phases of a person’s life is buying their own home. A crucial task of it all is finding an appropriate place to live. Finding a location with a good neighborhood and a friendly community is merely the basic need. Also, there should be a convenience store near you.

When talking about Kissimmee, It has all of this and more. Kissimmee is all but a quaint town in Florida filled to the brim with tourists. It a relaxing, scenic place to live in, and having Disney World right around the corner is the cherry on top of this perfect sundae. Below you will read why it is a good idea to move to this up-and-coming town of Florida. Here are six reasons why you should live in Kissimmee, Florida.

1. A Nice Suburban Place to Live In

Having a wide range of schools to choose from for your kids to help them select a college in the same and familiar town was just made easy. Kissimmee is not just a town for tourists but also for all the families who reside there. The cost of living in this town is 11% more inexpensive than the national average. All of these perks make it so much easier for Kissimmee FL realty to bring in more residents for this picturesque town.

2. Close to Disney World and Other Tourist Hotspots

While living in Kissimmee, entertainment is something that comes with living here. Kissimmee is a town just like a pot of gold under a rainbow. You can find Walt Disney World, Epcot, Sea World, MGM Studios, Animal Kingdom, Legoland, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, and Wet ‘n’ Wild Water Park, a short drive away from Kissimmee to Orlando.

Tourists come from all around the world to visit these hotspots. They tend to stay in places nearby for the time-being such, as Davenport, Orlando, and Tampa. Even though there are houses for sale in Davenport, short-term rentals of houses, apartments, and Air BnB’s are also a favorite lodging option for many visitants. It guarantees you a place to reside with not too many people to live with during this time of social distancing.

3. The Crime Rate is Comparatively Lower

While finding a place to live in, the main concern is to see if the vicinity is safe enough. In a metropolis so populated, it has a crime rate of 3.95 per 1000 people. The crime rate of Kissimmee is better than about 55 towns in the area of Florida. Although this town has a reputation for having more crime rate in the outskirts, that number is progressively decreasing as Kissimmee moves towards catering to the wants of the influx of tourists. All of this makes it a suitable locality to live in without too much worry about your safety.

4. Population of Only 60000 People

Small towns such as Kissimmee have plenty of great perks of their own to offer, and you may find they are a lot more affordable than a congested and jam-packed city like Orlando. Commuting is a breeze. You would not have to worry about being stuck in long and tedious traffic jams. With lesser people living here, you can drive across from end-to-end in 10 minutes. You will surely save time and gasoline money, and if you are a jogger or a cyclist, you will enjoy not having to push or shove for space amongst heavy traffic.

Fewer cars also mean a lot less pollution, giving you crisp and fresh air to breathe. In addition to this, you get to enjoy the scenic, picturesque beauty of Kissimmee while going on a run. Being far away from the hustle and the commotion of a big city, Kissimmee provides the relaxation of a slower and more relaxed pace of small towns. All of this is what attracts tourists and pleases them enough to move back to this borough. In return, it also becomes a welcome change. Adding to this, when going out to paint the town red -literally- you would not have to wait in lines to different restaurants. Such as the Kissimmee Steak House, Tarantino’s Italian Restaurant, Azteca’s Mexican Restaurant, or even for dessert to the Abracadabra Ice Cream Factory or fight for seats in movie theatres.

One of the most vital parts of living in a town of only 60,000 people is that it presents an excellent opportunity to become a “big fish in a small pond”. Kissimmee gives out less competition for employment and more opportunity to earn a well-known status. You could stand out in your preferred field in a way you never could in a big city.

5. The Climate is Not Too Hot or Too Cold

Even though Florida has the reputation of being one of the hottest cities in the United States, Kissimmee being a part of it might show the same prospects. It certainly is not. Kissimmee has temperatures of typically varies from 52°F or 11°C to 89°F or 31°C and it rarely below 38°F/3°C or above 94°F/38°C. These temperature ranges are comfortable enough to go for a walk in the Kissimmee Waterfront Park. It has an array of choices with a fishing pier, walking tracks, and meadows.

6. So Much to See and Do in Kissimmee

As previously mentioned, you will never be bored while living in Kissimmee. You can go out to see Osceola County Stadium, Silver Spurs Arena, Osceola Heritage Park, and The Museum of Military History. On the other hand, if you prefer to delve into nature and the greenery of this small town, you can take advantage by visiting Lake Tohopekaliga, Green Meadows Petting Farm, or the Shingle Creek Regional Park or take a ride in a Hot Air Balloon at dawn.

You can travel to Old Town or travel the brick-lined roads of Celebration, where you will find an exciting mix of dining selections, dinner shows, and unique shopping opportunities. It is easier to get around town because of how cheap it is to travel. Most people prefer to use their cars, but their second favorite alternative is to ride the bus, which only costs them $2. In the end, it depends on you and what kind of a night you would like. Nonetheless, with these various options to choose from, you will never run out of things to do in and outside of Kissimmee.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, it would be a wise decision to move to a peaceful town like Kissimmee. Reveling in its hidden beauty, Kissimmee is considered a gem of Orlando. You can find cheap and affordable homes to live in and have a little garden right outside your house for your kids to play in. It is a picture-perfect suburban family. Or if you prefer to live on your own, you can either get a house or an apartment, whichever caters to your needs. You can go out to eat at the different varieties of restaurants available and enjoy a hearty appetite and go out for dessert after that.

Visitors coming to tour can choose from so many hotels and lodging areas where prices reduce the further away from Disney World you travel. Whatever you decide to do, there’s one thing for sure. You can never get too much of Kissimmee.


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