wrecked car after accident

You do everything you can to keep yourself safe. On the road, you drive to survive; you are cautious and conscientious and remain alert to any hazards that may come your way. This is not an attitude that every driver has. Some people will never understand the danger posed by sending text messages, speaking on the phone, and speaking to passengers while driving. If you were injured in an accident caused by such a person, then you should take legal action against them.

7 lessons you can learn and apply when you get into an accident

You need not wait until you are in an accident to start thinking about what you should do after one. Some people go their entire lives without being involved in a car crash. However, it is best to hope for the best and plan for the worst. Here are 7 lessons that can guide you in the aftermath of a car crash:

1. You should check yourself and your passengers for injuries

You may not know the extent of your injuries straightaway. The violence of a car accident can leave you in shock. You may be numb to the pain. You can check for bleeding by rubbing your hands over your body. You want to also check the status of your passengers.

2. You should call 911

Don’t assume that others will dial emergency services. You should do it immediately. The operator will ask you questions about the location of the accident and the injuries sustained in it. They will dispatch police and ambulance as they do this.

3. You should check the status of the people in the other car

If you are conscious and fit enough to do it, you should make your way to the other car and check the status of the people inside. If you still have the 911 operator on the line, then you should tell them of any injuries. Try to give as much detail as possible.

4. You should exchange information with the other driver

You will need to exchange personal and insurance details with the other driver. Even if you believe they were at fault for the accident, you need not say so. And you certainly should not admit fault for the accident. Keep your recollection of the accident to yourself. You will be able to share it with the appropriate parties later.

5. You should take photos of the damage done to your car

Using your cell phone, you should take photographs of the damage done to your vehicle. You should take photos from as many angles as you can. At least one of these shots should be of the entire accident scene.

6. You should go to the emergency room

Even if you feel okay, you should go to the emergency room directly after the accident. You may have sustained internal injuries, which only a trained physician can detect. You should also take photographs of any cuts or bruises you sustained before they are cleaned, treated, and bandaged. The medical staff will tell you how to do this safely.

7. You should call a lawyer

Your first call should be to your attorney. You should make this call even before you report the accident to your insurance company. Your lawyer will be the only one looking out for your interests.

How a Lawyer Can Help

A car accident law firm can provide you the representation you need to get the compensation you deserve. A personal injury lawyer will sit down with you and ask you to recall the circumstances that led to the accident. These statements will form the basis of their legal strategy going forward.

The insurance company of the other driver may offer you compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Do not accept it until your lawyer has had a chance to review the sum. If it is adequate, then your attorney may urge you to accept it. If the money falls well short of the money you have had to pay, the medical procedures you have had to endure, and the pain you’ve had to suffer, then you will need to press for more. If the insurance company refuses, then you will need to sue.


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