Long story short, Riot supported his plan to change penalties in the League of Legends. Instead, they decided to meet the needs of the players and “focus again on reducing destructive behavior and improving the quality of the game”. As if this would help.

Your match rating is the number that Riot uses to determine your skills and those of your opponent. For MMR, fair play is a game in which both teams make 50 +/- 1% profit. The longer you wait for the game, the farther your opponent is from the MMR.

LP is a league point and just a reflection of your MMR. It is mainly used for showcasing. The only reasonable point for LP is to limit the promo series, since the downgrade is based on MMR.

You lose 3LP and get a 6-minute penalty for queuing. If you dodge a second time, you lose up to 10 LP and get a 30-minute penalty for the queue. There is no other penalty. And most importantly, you do not use an MRI to dodge best practices in LOL.

If you have the opportunity to save a few extra points on early vacation, you leave. The choice between losing 3PL and 18PL is obvious. Your evasion timer works, but at least you don’t need to play with teammates who ruined the draft. Or your ass starts burning just three minutes after the game and you desperately need an ice bath. So, you are leaving.

The upcoming patches promised to bring something new to the Dodge penalty system. The riots made it clear that they want things to be different. But you know what? Players didn’t want things to be different. Feedback from the public prompted Riot to put the changes right on its shelves.

Is it cheating the penalty system? Not anymore. The developers of the League found out that some players who called themselves League players had invented how to cheat the penalty system.


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