For a long period of time diamonds were mined from earth making it an extremely rare but since last decade scientists have made a breakthrough by creating diamonds in labs. This avoids a lot conflicts which are involved in mining diamonds and they are almost as good as the ones we obtain from earth. Here are some interesting facts about these lab grown diamonds:

1. Lab grown diamonds are also called as man-made diamonds and cultured diamonds

This one is pretty obvious. As these diamonds are created and made in labs these are known as man-made diamonds or cultured diamonds. These diamonds are known to be very pure as they are refined to the core making lab grown diamonds special and perfect.

2. Lab grown diamonds are not synthetic diamonds

There is a huge misconception that lab grown diamonds are synthetic and many even call it as “synthetic diamonds”. Synthetic is a name for an object which is created to imitate the natural objects. A great example is moissanite, which looks attractive like a diamond but does not have the carbon properties of a diamond. Synthetic diamonds are as attractive as natural and lab grown diamonds but they are not actual diamonds. On the other hand lab grown diamonds actually hold carbon properties which are present in natural diamonds too. Lab grown diamonds are more of a cultured ones than synthetic. They are 100% crystalized diamonds.

3. There is no big difference between a lab grown diamond and natural diamond

This is yet another huge misconception where people assume that lab grown diamonds are impure or they are far different from natural which is completely wrong. Both natural and lab grown diamonds hold carbon properties which are incredibly similar to each other. They are both physically and chemically identical. Lab grown diamonds are in no way less compared to natural diamonds. Even jewelers cannot tell the difference between a lab grown diamond and a natural diamond.

4. Lab grown diamonds are eco-friendly

Lab grown diamonds only take up a fraction of resources compared to natural diamonds which is a part of refining process. Just the process of mining causes several environmental harms, especially air pollution. Growing diamonds in labs is a huge advantage to environment. Due to concerns over environment protection, the demand for eco-friendly lab grown diamonds has increased over time. It is also an efficient process which reduces the overall of cost of making a diamond. Natural mining of diamonds can also cause ocean pollution and large scale deforestation which incurs a huge damage to the environment, compared to it lab grown diamonds are environmental friendly.

5. Lab grown diamonds can last forever

Just because the diamond is grown in lab it does not mean that these lose their quality and substance over time. Similar to natural diamonds, lab created diamonds also can last forever without losing any of their chemical or physical properties. They are completely authentic are good to be passed on to the next generation without any worry about them fading away.

6. Lab grown diamonds are incredibly perfect

Most of the lab grown diamonds fall under the category called ‘Type II’ which makes pure and perfect. The precision of lab grown diamonds are unmatched. Only 2% of the all diamonds mined from earth fall under this category, that’s how good these diamonds are. The level of perfection in lab grown diamond is times better than naturally mined diamonds which makes them very valuable.

7. Lab grown diamonds are made following the ethics

The diamond industry has been hugely known for exploiting labours from third world countries putting them in very dangerous conditions while underpaying, ignoring the ethical aspect in the whole process. This incurs a huge cost on society and makes the diamond industry unattractive. Lab grown diamonds on the other hand are safely made in first world countries while following all the necessary protocols and ethical aspect of manufacturing making them societal friendly too.

8. Lab grown diamonds are economical

Naturally mined diamonds are not only harmful for the environment but also are a big disadvantage to the cost factor. It consumes numerous resources from machinery to labour which all adds up to the cost of the diamond. Lab grown diamonds on the other hand are economical which are almost 30% less costly compared to naturally mined diamonds making them manufacturer friendly. As they also pose little to no environmental harms they are more desired both on buyer’s side and seller’s side. You can buy Lab Grown diamonds from various suppliers both online and offline at affordable prices.

9. Lab grown diamonds are even rated the same as natural ones

Both naturally mined diamonds and lab grown diamonds are rated by the same gemological labs. The 4C’s technique is used to grade naturally mined diamonds and the same technique is used for grading lab grown diamonds too making them incredibly similar to naturally mined ones and far more superior in terms of quality.

10. Lab grown diamonds have different tints of color

Similar to naturally mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds also have different tints of colors as they are made from similar materials. The lab grown diamonds also have natural flaws just like earth mined due to the formation of rock. These natural flaws make lab grown diamonds much more authentic and desirable making them no less than earth mined ones in any way.


The demand for lab grown diamonds have increased tremendously over this decade. People are more attracted towards it as they cost 30% less and are environmental friendly when compared to natural ones. It has been estimated that the total production of lab grown diamonds will cross 20 million carats by 2026. Around 80% of millennials feel positive about these diamonds. They are also conflict free and more ethical, it is attracted in the society. It is safe to say that lab grown diamonds are the future, not because of the authenticity but because of the environment.


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