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Kitchen remodeling requires detailed planning and preparation for the success of the project which goes without saying that time becomes a crucial factor. When will the remodeling project end? It is common to hear homeowners complain that they didn’t know that it would have taken that long for them to use their new kitchen.

The scope of the kitchen remodeling project will determine the length of time it takes to complete it. Some projects take longer whereas others may take longer to complete. The timeline of a kitchen remodeling project should be tightly managed to prevent big cost implications. The longer the projects take, the more likely that kitchen remodeling will run into immense and unnecessary costs.

Some of the common reasons that a kitchen remodeling project will take longer than planned include:

  • Inaccurate time frame from the builder/contractor
  • Using an inexperienced kitchen designer
  • Homeowner having unrealistic expectations
  • Changes midway through the project that expand the scope of work
  • Late delivery of materials and appliances

So, how Long Does A Kitchen Remodel Take?

Designing and planning a kitchen remodel is a time consuming process. The length of time it takes will be determined by factors such as design requirements, scope of the project, expertise and experience of contractor, and availability of materials.

Straightforward kitchen remodeling that involves replacing old items with new and modern items while retaining the same layout and design shouldn’t take long. The replacement kitchen project such as updating cabinets and countertops can take an average 6-8 weeks for a mid-sized kitchen.

Create a Schedule/Kitchen Remodeling Plan

You must have a schedule for the kitchen remodeling project to run smoothly and efficiently. There must be a sequence of events or steps that govern the project to ensure proper task flow, efficiency, adherence to budget, and timely completion.

Take note that even well planned projects run into delays and unforeseen challenges. However, delays shouldn’t derail the project as these can be handled in a way that doesn’t offset project timelines. Good scheduling of tasks when planning a kitchen remodel and strict adherence will bring everything together to end up with a new and functional kitchen.

Planning a kitchen remodel can be categorized into the pre-construction and construction phases. Notable tasks in each of these phases include:

Pre-Construction Phase

  • Choosing of Contractor
  • Design meetings
  • Selection of appliances, fixtures, cabinets, countertops and other materials
  • Preparation of construction drawings
  • Application for permits
  • Making orders for materials

Construction Phase

  • Dust protection
  • Demolition and removal of material
  • Level framing and sub-contractor works such as plumbing, ductwork and electric works
  • Close in inspection
  • Insulation installation and inspection
  • Stock drywall installation (hang, finish, sand and prime)
  • Installation of flooring
  • Installation of cabinets
  • Countertop installation (measuring, fabrication and installation)
  • Installation of appliances (both electric and plumbing)
  • Painting and floor finish
  • Professional cleaning
  • Final walk through and handover of the new kitchen

Each task in a kitchen remodeling plan will have a time-frame within which it must be completed. It could take a number of hours, days or weeks for successful completion of a task. The kitchen remodel project duration will be a cumulative of the time taken to complete all tasks.

How to Plan a Kitchen Remodel

Careful planning of all tasks and strict adherence to timelines is critical to completion of the kitchen remodeling project on time. You must have a plan and be ready to coordinate different professionals including contractors, plumbers, electricians, and other subcontractors. Efficient coordination of these personnel and their specialty tasks will ensure completion on time before the next subcontractor can come in and finish up their tasks. Plan to have all items on site and since many are large and heavy, ensure you have a plan on how to move them. Delays in kitchen remodeling can get out of hand if you fail to work around issues such as contractor and subcontractor availability and back-orders. Read more on this topic of creating a kitchen remodel timeline.

Homeowners can benefit from having a new kitchen with updated finishes and new appliances within a short period of time by following the kitchen remodeling plan. Scope of the project will determine the kitchen remodel timeline. If the project entails significant structural changes, the project will demand input from more professionals and use of more materials which directly increases the time duration of the project. Kitchen remodeling projects that involve structural changes, relocation of plumbing and electrical outlets, reconfiguration of floor plans, and removal of walls will require greater planning, securing of necessary permits, and take longer. The timeframe for such a project will be approximately 12 weeks.

Establishment of a very clear budget is yet another way of how to plan a kitchen remodel project. It will help with ordering of appliances and materials in good time to prevent delays since the project team will have all items when they need them. The kitchen design team should provide you with product specification to facilitate selection and purchase of required items.

Plan for Disruptions to Daily Lifestyle

You should expect to suffer significant disruptions to your daily lifestyle during kitchen remodeling. Build in some coping mechanisms such as converting other rooms in the home to temporary cooking and dining areas. You will be faced with as many as 12 weeks without a kitchen in the home and the inconvenience associated with the kitchen being turned into a project area. Always have a longer plan for being without a kitchen in the home to accommodate delays in the project and to avoid getting highly frustrated.

Additionally, avoid causing disruptions to the project teams such as having to stop kitchen remodeling tasks since it is nap time or time for piano lessons. Give the contractor the necessary time and space to work effectively and efficiently without disruptions to their task schedules. Ask the contractor to set up an area with temporary sink and work surface as well as place the refrigerator to serve as your kitchen as the remodel takes place.

In conclusion, avoid changes to your kitchen remodel timeline midway through the project and strictly stick to it to avoid massive delays and mounting costs.


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