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Many hard decisions are undertaken in the kitchen, whether it’s figuring out what to cook for Sunday dinner or deciding on the colors of the walls, cabinets, and countertops.

You want colors that bring out your mood and taste. Some people are out to create warm and welcoming spaces. Others want their kitchens to feel clean and therefore go for all-white designs.

For something more classic and traditional, people might embrace wood floors with oak, cherry, or maple cabinets. With many options on the table, today we reveal our hot kitchen color ideas that you’re bound to love in 2020.

#1. Sculptor’s Clay

Sculptor’s clay is today’s first pick. It resembles the gray clay used by sculptors to create pots.

The color has been gaining traction since 2019, and it’s one of the top kitchen color schemes.

It’s not too bleak or cool but feels warm. You’ll find that it reflects a fair amount of light. You can pair it with white walls by painting it on flat-paneled cabinets.

It might also create a backsplash on one of your walls. Black appliances will particularly stand out against it. Dark or light white quartz marble countertops will be accentuated.

The color also grounds you with its earthy tone. And if for some reason you don’t like sculptor’s clay, you can choose an off-white like dove gray.

#2 Pale Yellow

If you’re aiming to make your kitchen a cheerful and happy place, you can’t go wrong with pale yellow.

When painted on the wall, cabinets, window and door trims are usually painted white. Light to medium-brown flooring also goes well with this color. Small rooms will look larger since pale yellow creates the illusion of space.

Since it’s less bright than sunny yellow, the color tends to be softer on the eyes. You will also find stainless steel appliances standing out and being more visible. Though risky, you can even pull off a completely pale yellow look on your cabinets.

#3: Matte Black

Matte black will play an increasing role in kitchens this year. It has a mild shine because it doesn’t absorb all light like flat-black.

If you’re looking for kitchen color paint ideas that are a little peculiar, it’s one of the top colors for you. It also makes a chic statement and is both sexy and sleek.

You’ll have limitless options when it comes to pairing it with other colors. For instance, you can choose a white quartz Caesarstone countertop set against a backdrop of matte black cabinets. You will even find matte black tiles for your backsplash. They create high contrast with light-gray or cream cabinets.

#4: Wood Finishes

People still love wood and natural kitchens. And they can’t get enough of this kitchen color 2020. Creative designers are now pairing wood surfaces with matte black walls, which is a detour from all-white walls.

Wood also creates gorgeous islands with quartz countertops – a continuing trend in 2020. You also get flexibility with knobs and fixtures that can be brass, nickel, black or stainless steel.

Using natural stains to bring out the wood grain is also a continuing trend. All in all, natural wood surfaces are here to stay and have the advantage of looking classic for many years to come.

#5: Sea Green

Why choose this kitchen color décor? For one, its versatility means that it will go along with most colors. It has a serene vibe. And it’s actually inspired by natural sea conditions. Sometimes the ocean looks green because of the chlorophyll found on the phytoplankton.

Sea green is light too, meaning your kitchen will do well even without plenty of natural light. The color can also make you feel calm, secure and relaxed.

With 2020 starting on a somber note, sea green will carry you through. As an alternative, you can try sage green. But it’s less bright and cheerful than sea green. It pairs well with white or creamy surfaces and gives out a vintage vibe.

#6. Navy Blue

One of the most taunted kitchen color trends in 2020 has to be navy blue. It’s a dark and very famous color. In little light, some navy blue shades might appear black.

For instance, if you choose navy blue walls, it’s vital to add bright colors. Since navy blue is so versatile, you can even add yellows, pinks, whites or reds.

A hot design trend when working with navy blue is using it for your bottom cabinets and choosing white or cream for the top half. It’s also vital to have a white ceiling and light-colored countertops.

Tip: If you choose navy blue for your island’s side panels, you can have black farmhouse pendant lights hanging from above.

#7 Orange Combinations

Take a stroll off the beaten path with orange kitchen color combinations. The first mix to try is a navy and orange combo. Here, the cabinets are dark navy with orange walls, stainless steel sinks, and white windows & ceiling.

If you’re bold and risky, you might go with orange cabinets paired with brown for a mid-century look. You can tone down the bright cabinets by choosing dark countertops made from dark gray or jet black quartz. Orange walls also combine well with dark woods like black Wall Nut.

Final Take on Kitchen Color Trends 2020

These hot pics are guaranteed to give your kitchen a trendy look. But color alone won’t make your kitchen the best. You also need good natural light and the right choice of floors.

The kitchen’s centerpiece usually the countertop or island needs to stand out. Currently, natural stones are being substituted with engineered slabs like quartz. They are more durable and can mimic more expensive marbles like Calcutta.


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