king size bed

It is considered the most extensive bed size that people can buy from online stores as well as local stores. The king-size bed is typically made based on prevalent and attractive utilities such as chambers, inner springs, foam, and water. People in need of this particular type of bed should look for the varying sizes provided in their areas. The king-size bed measurement varies from one area to another. For example, the measurements of the beds that buyers in the US can get varies significantly with beds a user can find in Europe. To learn more about this type of bed, below are the different king size bed dimensions:

Standard King Size Bed Dimensions

This bed comes with a measurement of 76 cm wide and 80 cm long. So if you are searching for materials for your bed, get a standard of 76 x 80. And Even if you have a standard king, it is not wrong to estimate your sleeping mattress, as there is some variation even from standard to standard between the various manufacturers. You should also measure the thickness of the mattress and ensure that, if you have a pillow, you can add this too in your estimate, as the thickness of the mattress will determine the size required for an adjustable sheet.

California King Size bed measurements

In case your bed estimates are slightly smaller and larger, say 72 inches wide and 84 inches long. Then you are looking for a California sized bed. This types remove four inches from the width and include it to the length. In the event that your space is long and thin, then this type of bed is appropriate. A California sized bed is also an incredible bed for taller people. Now, when you’re shopping for materials for your California king bed, look for longer thin measurement. Because if you buy standard king linens, they will not fit into your bed. Again, measure the thickness of your mattress and add any mattress protectors in your estimate.

Split king size bed

The Split king size bed is known for its adaptability and comfort. This kind is usually found in the master bedroom and visitor rooms. It is almost the same size as the standard ruler with its 76-78 dimensions that pull 80 inches. This bed can be used as a double bed size and can be stretched from side to side to accommodate more partners. This bed comes with a two extra-long double sleeping mattress.


Sleep is essential for a healthy lifestyle. It allows us to relax our muscles and regain vitality. Adequate and enjoyable sleep improves our body function and makes us carry our daily activities. To have a great rest, then it’s advisable to have a proper bed. The king-sized bed gives you the comfortability and sleep you want. All you are required to do is to select the right king-sized bed that suits your needs. Every bed size is big enough for you and your partner to have a good night’s sleep.


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