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The distribution of water in every home is extremely important. We all need water to do a number of activities in the house right from the kitchen to the bathroom. A good plumbing system will supply both cold and hot water to their required destinations. It will also create a crucial drainage and vent system.

There are different types of plumbing pipes used in homes these days. The most common ones include PVC, PEX, ABS, galvanized and copper. While not every type of pipe is suitable in every situation, an expert is in a better position to guide you. Before installing a new plumbing and heating system in your home, seek advice from a professional. One example of such a plumbing company is Proficient Plumbing & Heating which offers installation and maintenance services for all plumbing and heating related situations. They will explain to you why certain types of plumbing are better in your home than others and offer advice on how to keep your plumbing and heating system in good working condition.

Why your home’s plumbing and heating system should be in good working condition

Did you know regular maintenance of your plumbing system can make your life pretty easier? Do not assume that since there are no leaks and everything is moving as it should there is no need for plumbing system check-ups. The problem could be getting from bad to worse. Here are just a few reasons why should schedule for a regular maintenance service from a trusted plumbing and heating company right away if you haven’t already.

1. Reduce chances of an emergency repair

Emergency plumbing repairs can be very stressful, to say the least. By the time you are calling for an emergency plumbing service, things already aren’t working. You will need a well trained and certified professional to assess the situation and deal with any kind of plumbing emergency. This can be very costly and inconvenient. Do not wait until you notice a leakage, clogged drain, overflowing toilet, ruptured sewer pipes and the like to start calling a plumber. Do it much earlier and save yourself the trouble of dealing with an emergency plumbing repair.

2. Healthier home

The benefits of keeping your home clean and healthy are countless. In fact, every homeowner desires to keep their homes away from any hazards. However, this proves to be a persistence problem if you are not having regular plumbing and heating system checkups. Mildew and mold can enter your home through the pipes and cause serious health problems.

3. Good water pressure

There is nothing sweet and soothing like a hot shower after a long day at work. You also need your containers to fill faster to do your various activities around the home. All these can only happen if your pipes are in good working condition. Before a big problem arises and you realize things are not happening as they should, always get a plumber to check the condition of the pipes. It’s the only way you can arrest a big problem and avoid the inconveniences associated with a poor plumbing system.

4. Improve property value

It is obvious you have taken good care of your home if you are maintaining the plumbing and heating system and they are in good condition. Therefore, in case you ever consider selling it, this will reflect on your selling price. Even if you are not moving out, aren’t you and your loved ones important enough to enjoy living in a home with good value? Plus, it will save your monthly water bills. Make your home a haven by taking care of the plumbing system and you will be glad you made the choice.

Plumbing problems you should never fix on your own

Although there are a few plumbing issues you can fix alone, there are a number of them you should never assume to be DIY projects. Below are three such problems.

New water heater

If you intend to install a new water heater, it is recommended you contact a professional. That’s because unprofessionally done installation can lead to dangerous gas leakage. Assuming it is cheaper to install a new water heater on your own can lead to very costly safety mistakes. Hence, for your safety and that of other family members, get an experienced plumber to install the water heater safely and efficiently.

Low water pressure

Before you think that low water pressure is a minor problem you can fix on your own, let an expert identify the root cause of the problem first. Several issues can lead to this problem such as leaks or cracked pipes. These are things you may not know how to resolve them and if you insist, they can lead to a bigger problem. For best results, leave the problem to the experts who have what it takes to resolve the issue and bring back the water pressure to normal.

Waterline damage

If the pipes in your home are broken or have suffered from water damage, the safety of the whole water line cannot be guaranteed. This is not something you can fix on your own and it is high time you contact a professional plumbing company. They are the right people to arrest the situation and bring things back into normalcy.

Tips for keeping your plumbing and heating system in order

Most people do not give much thought to plumbing and heating systems in their homes until a problem arises. This complex network of pipes is crucial in both water usage and drainage in every home and should be well-maintained. Therefore, here are some tips that can help you prolong its life, prevent leaks and avoid costly repairs.

Clear debris from pipes

A buildup of debris in the pipes is the first culprit to damaged pipes. The debris prevents water from draining faster and as a result, grimes, dirt, dusk and other nasty stuff clogs up the pipes. Besides, they can also produce a foul smell. If you suspect your pipes have been invaded by debris, call plumbing services to clear off the mess before it gets worse.

Reduce water pressure

Although you might be enjoying the high pressure of the water around the home, it is important to know that there are consequences to this. The high pressure in the water stresses the water pipes and can lead to pipes damages, thus reducing their lifespan. If you suspect the water pressure in your home is too high, consult a professional plumber to install a pressure reducer. It will help keep the plumbing system in good working condition for longer.

Do not flush everything

It is very tempting to pour anything in the kitchen sink so long as it’s draining off the sink. But do you know these are the same things that end up clogging the pipes? If you want to solve half of your plumbing problems, keep the hairs away from bathroom drains. Plus, do not pour food scraps down the kitchen sink. You will be very grateful if you follow these tips.


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