Many families rely heavily on their dryers. It ensures that no matter what the weather is like everyone has freshly laundered clothes and bedding. So, it makes sense to look after your dryer. Here is how to do it.

Regularly clean out the vent

This first point is an important one. You need to clean your dryer vent regularly because failure to do so creates a serious fire hazard. It is wise to clean the lint out of your dryer vent every time you use it. Get into the habit of cleaning it before you use the dryer and after you have emptied it. Doing this may seem like overkill, but it is by far the best way to make sure that you never forget to do this extremely important safety task.

Clean the filter regularly

Regularly remove the filter and clean it with a nylon brush. Refer to the manufacturer´s manual to find out how often you need to do this.

Clean the drum and check for damage

Every so often wipe around the inside of the dryer drum with a damp cloth. Doing so will pick up the thin film of dirt that inevitably builds up there. As you do so check the drum for any nicks. Sometimes items like bra straps and underwires get stuck in one of the holes for a couple of spins causing the hole to bend out of shape. This leaves a sharp edge that can damage delicate fabrics. You can find out how to fix that problem, here.

Periodically check the ventilation ducts

To work efficiently your dryer must be properly ventilated. Every couple of months get around the back of your machine and check that the ventilation duct is still properly connected. Then put the dryer on and go outside to make sure that there is air coming out of the vent.

If you do need to replace the ventilation pipe, consider using metal. It is far stronger, meaning that there is no risk of it being inadvertently crushed which could lead to your dryer being damaged. This article explains how to replace the vent and the pipe that leads to it.

Make sure that your vent cover is not broken

The air that comes out of your dryer vent is warm, which for some animals and pests makes the ventilation tube an attractive place to nest. To ensure that this never happens check that the vent cover is secure. If it is very cold out, make sure that it is not covered by snow or ice. This rarely happens, but it is better to be safe rather than sorry.

Don’t overload your dryer

Overloading is dangerous. It can lead to the dryer motor overheating, as well as damage the belts and pulleys.

Read the manual

When you buy a new dryer, sit down with a drink, and read the manual. It will typically only take half an hour. Make a note of anything important and set up reminders on your smartphone for any regular maintenance tasks. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Looking after your dryer ensures that it works efficiently, which will save you both time and money. It will also help to keep your family safe.


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