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How often do lice breed in between your little one’s hair? How often do you take all the pain to get rid of them using lice removal treatments but end up losing hope because they come again? Being a mother is as good as being an all-rounder and here are some of the very essential tips that would help you get out of this problem.

Lice – The troublemakers

Lice are tiny parasites that cling onto your hair and do not let go easily. These little creatures infest on the head in between the hair and reproduce at a very quick pace. The lice survive by sucking the blood of humans and this causes severe itching of the scalp. They are tough and do not go away easily until good hair treatment is given.

Causes of Lice Infestation

Lice infestation is a problem that every school-going kid faces. Your little one is a target and you shouldn’t be surprised. Here are the main causes of lice infestation:

  1. Contact at school – Children love to play with friends. If one of your child’s friend has lice in his hair, be rest assured that your little one may get it too. Head-to-head contact and even sitting together would make lice shift from one scalp to another.
  2. Sharing combs, headphones – Lice could stick on to caps, combs, brushes and even climb on headphones. It could land into another head when these products are shared.
  3. Using the same pillows – If you’ve put your little one to a creche or daycare, this is for you. Even if you have given a separate pillow and a bedspread, your child could still be a victim of lice infestation as lice could even be found on beds and other furniture.
  4. Living together – Lice do not see the age of the person that they infect. You and your family could also get them on to your scalp as you and your child live together.

Detecting Lice Infestation

Observe your little one and see how frequently he scratches his head. This is the first sign of lice infestation. You would also see dandruff-like flakes on your little one’s scalp or even giant lice which are reddish-brown.

Nits or Dandruff

Many moms have ignored lice with an illusion that they are dandruff. Lice are seen in three different forms according to their lifespan. The eggs or nits are the first stages; nymphs are the newly hatched lice that survive on blood. Nymphs turn into adult lice in about 7 days and start reproducing. The nits are often mistaken for dandruff and you could still differentiate them. Dandruff can easily be removed, even with a little dusting on the scalp but lice are hard to get rid of. Nits stick on to the scalp and this how you will get to know.

Getting rid/Prevention of Lice

Lice infest easily and do not let go quickly. In a month, you will be able to see a generation of lice on your child’s head and this is not a good sign. There are chemical repellents available at your closest supermarkets, however, these chemicals have a very bad impact on your little one. Here are some tried and tested DIYs that help you get rid of lice and prevent it from coming back again.

  1. Keep your child’s scalp clean – Mothers feel that a good head bath for their child in the morning would make him/her catch a cold. Some of them feel that there is no time for head baths as their little ones would miss their school bus. You could plan your mornings and give your child a good head bath. This reduces infestation chances.
  2. Check your child’s head – Make sure you peep into your child’s scalp and see if there are any signs of dandruff/nits. Do not get confused between nits and dandruff.
  3. Use non-toxic repellents for lice removal and do not opt for the chemical ones.

Child and Pet safe Hair Treatment

Removing lice manually is something that mothers sit and do. This would hurt your little one very badly. And become time-consuming. You could choose 100% naturally derived lice repellent spray which is extremely child-friendly. A tried and tested hair treatment solution that most of the mothers use, is the MDX Concept’s product – Flint Lice Spray.

Non-toxic Ingredients that are used in the spray

Unlike other lice repellent sprays that are filled with chemicals, MDX Concepts makes its products with non-toxic substances that are naturally derived and do not harm your little superstar. In the Flint Lice Spray, you could see that there is a composition of Peppermint oil, Spearmint oil, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, and Inert ingredients. These are harmful to the lice and safe for your baby.

Lice out in few minutes

Using this spray is not rocket science. It is very simple. All you need to do is to spray it on your child’s scalp and watch the lice dying and falling off. You could give your child’s hair a good brush and remove off the dead lice from the scalp. MDX Concepts Flint Lice Spray shows immediate results and is a magic wand for all mothers struggling with lice infestation issues out there. The results are very effective and this spray is the best for lice removal.

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