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Italy, as you probably know already, is a popular immigration destination, and its acclaim is well-deserved. It offers a perfect blend of pleasant climate, beautiful landscape, and easy lifestyle for everyone living and working in this well-known European peninsula. The healthcare and education systems are among the best in the world. The tax structure is also friendly, and money-making opportunities abound for professionals and entrepreneurs. Most importantly, the country enables you to claim citizenship by descent which is huge by itself if you think about it. If you have Italian roots, you can fast-track your way to citizenship. You can get in touch with the team of mbersanilaw.com to know more about the process. If you want more reasons to pursue this option, here are the ones to consider.

Eligibility requirements are simple

Claiming through descent requires you to qualify for the Jure Sanguinis principle. Essentially, you must have a bloodline in the country through Italian parents, grandparents, and even beyond. The ancestor must be a citizen of Italy after its unification in 1861. Further, they must not have been naturalized in another country before the birth of their child. Eligibility is relatively simple unless you apply through a female relative. A woman couldn’t pass on her citizenship to the next in line before 1948. If your ancestor gave birth before the year, you do not qualify for Jure Sanguinis. Alternatively, you can apply through the 1948 Rule.

You can apply even from outside Italy

The good thing about Italian citizenship by descent is that you can apply from the country of your residence. You only need to have the relevant documents from your ancestor’s comune in Italy to go ahead with the process. You will require their birth, death, and marriage records to validate your ancestral line. Hiring a local citizenship expert makes it easy to procure these documents. Once you have them, you can apply at your local Italian consulate along with other proofs. There is no need to travel to Italy, though applying from your ancestor’s comune can expedite the process.

You can pass the rights to next generations

The process for citizenship by descent takes time and effort, but it has excellent success rates. You get the advantage of dual citizenship in one of the best countries in the EU. It makes you eligible for visa-free travel anywhere in the EU. Additionally, you can live and work in the country just like any other citizen. Most importantly, you can bring along your spouse and dependents and start life afresh in the country of your ancestors. You can even pass on the citizenship rights to the next generations. It is the best gift you can give them as an inheritance.

Applying for Italian citizenship by descent is your best bet if you can trace your roots in the country. The process is simple, but the eligibility exceptions and document gathering can be a challenge. Most applications have to struggle as they travel to Italy and approach the authorities for paperwork. But partnering with a professional can help you overcome these concerns and get a step closer to your dream life in Italy. Their experience, knowledge, and connections can speed up the process and eliminate errors completely.


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