installing solar panels on roof

The rise of solar energy is prominent in today’s society. While 6% of Americans have already installed solar panels in their home, 46% of homeowners state that they are seriously going green and using renewable energy in their homes.

If you are seriously considering panel installation, you may have a lot of questions regarding the fit of panel installation service for your home. Rightfully, solar energy isn’t right for every homeowner and you should do your research before deciding to go green.

In this article, you’ll learn whether or not solar panels are right for your home and if you should hire a panel installation company.

Do You Want to Spend the Money?

The cost of solar panels can vary based on differing factors. The average cost of solar panels is approximately $16,000. However, these costs can range between $3,000 to $35,000.

It’s a proven fact that installing solar panels can help you save money. Nonetheless, it’s important to know the startup costs associated with installing solar panels before moving forward.

Ultimately, your decision will come down to whether or not you have the money to spend on solar panel installation. It will also depend on whether or not you are willing and comfortable spending this money.

Where is Your Home Located?

It goes without saying that the location of your home will play a huge role in the performance of your solar panel system. However, there is a strong misconception that solar panels don’t work well in cloudy climates.

In truth, solar panels need direct sunlight to achieve optimal performance. Still, solar panels can absorb light and generate energy even on cloudy days.

This is because Earth doesn’t achieve total darkness at any given time. As long as sunlight exists, solar panels can work for you.

How Much Are Your Monthly Utility Costs?

If you are paying a reasonable or affordable amount for monthly electric costs, there may not be a reason to install solar panels. However, if you live in a home that’s at least 1,500 square feet, you naturally will experience higher monthly utility costs.

For this reason, it may be in your best interest to install solar panels compared to if you lived in a smaller home. All in all, you should average your monthly utility costs and decide whether or not renewable energy costs will offer any difference.

Are You Willing to Embrace Solar Energy?

Regardless of the financial aspect of installing solar panels, you’ll need to be an advocate for going green to receive a high return on investment.

Solar energy doesn’t just help homeowners save money. It’s environmentally friendly and helps homeowners across the country receive energy independence. The most burning question that will lead you to install solar panels is whether or not you’re willing to get on board with embracing renewable energy.

Interested in Kickstarting Your Home’s Panel Installation?

Solar panels offer invaluable benefits to homeowners. If you’re ready to reap these benefits, we’d love to speak to you about your home’s panel installation. Contact us today to work with a reputable solar company near me.


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