multi color water fountain

There are many different ways to transform your house’s interior design and give it a more elegant, classy, and expensive look that gives off a sense of luxury to your guests, even if you have a tight budget.

One example of an elegant decoration that will make your house look expensive is by placing an indoor water fountain. They also don’t consume too much electricity. In fact, fountains consume the same amount of energy as the lamp in your bedroom.

But those are not the only benefits of an indoor water fountain because it can give a fortune to your house according to Feng Shui if placed correctly. It can also make the area feel lighter because running water promotes a soothing and calming environment. According to Feng Shui, flowing water also gives out positive energy and brings wealth and prosperity to the house owners.

Indeed an indoor water fountain is one of the best decors you can place in your house, but you need to know the exact locations you can place them for good Feng Shui. Well, you don’t have to worry about that, here are some tips on where you should place your indoor water fountain inside your house.

1. To excel in work or career place, Northern area

The northern area of your house is governed by water elements, which means placing an indoor fountain in this area will probably double the benefits. Putting the fountain in the northern part of your house will support and bring positive energy to your work or career. Placing your indoor water fountain in the north part of your home will surely change your work style, and you will excel in your career.

2. To have good health, Eastern Area

According to Feng Shui, the eastern area of your house is governed by the wood element. We all know that water nourishes and aids woods, thus giving them good health. That’s what will happen if you place your indoor water fountain in your house’s eastern area; your family will be nourished by the flowing water giving you good health and strengthens your family bond and relationship.

3. To attract money and wealth, South-Eastern area

The same with the east, the south-eastern area, is also governed by the element of wood. In this area, it is also located to control abundance in money, good luck, and wealth, which are all being nourished by the water fountain. Water gives food to the wood, which means the fountain feeds your abundance, wealth, money, and luck to make your life happier.

4. To always have a productive day at work, inside your workplace

The workplace area in your house symbolizes your whole career and the stability of your work. Placing an indoor water fountain here will keep you calm and relax while doing your job and avoid stress and pressure from coming inside your mind. Water fountains will also give off a positive energy that would give motivation and support your career.

5. Let positive energy inside, front door

To invite positive energy into your house, you can either place the indoor water fountain outside or inside your front door for as long as the water flow is going inside. The flow must be facing inside your house to encourage and invite the flow of chi. If you direct the water flow away from your home, it might neglect positive energy from coming inside, and you might experience bad luck.


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