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Selling a house is no easy task, especially with the economy still recovering from the recession of the past decade. That being said, it’s nowhere near impossible, and there are some tricks you can use to sell your house faster.

Plants are one such idea. It may sound strange, but certain types of indoor plants can make your house look more attractive to potential buyers, and help get your house sold far more easily.

What are these plants, and why do people love them so much? We’ll talk more about that in the paragraphs below.

1. Lavender

Lavender is a wonderful plant that not only looks and smells enticing but can also make you healthier and happier as well. Lavender has undergone multiple experiments to test claims that it helps reduce anxiety and depression. The results so far have backed this claim up.

Keep in mind that lavender shouldn’t be used as a cure for these conditions. Professional help should always be sought out, but having a lavender plant around may stack the deck a bit.

A calm atmosphere with a touch of color can be exactly what buyers are looking for. It’s also safe for pets, although lavender oil can be harmful to cats.

2. Lilies/Peace Lilies

There are a few differences between these two plants, but they can both liven up an indoor setting and help you get your house sold. Both plants require bright or semi-bright light and do well in moist soil.

Keep in mind that wet soil will kill a peace lily, though it won’t harm a regular lily. Peace lilies are also much larger and can help prevent mold by cleaning the air.

Unfortunately, both lilies and peace lilies are toxic to pets. Keep them out of your home if you have a dog or cat.

Overall, it may be a choice between fashion and function. Which would you prefer?

3. Dracaena

This cute little palm tree is also very useful to our health. It’s been found to filter certain harmful chemicals out of the air and make us less likely to get sick.

This plant is native to Africa, and exotic plants can help to increase a home’s value. It’s also quite well-adapted to the average conditions of a home, so they’re easy to care for.

This may be a specimen to consider the next time you want to do some interior decorating with plants.

The one downside to having a dracaena plant is that you shouldn’t have one in a house with pets. Dracaena tends to be toxic to both dogs and cats, so they’re not the best choice for animal lovers.

Plants That Can Help Get Your House Sold

If you want to get your house sold faster, you might want to try adding houseplants. There are many different types of indoor plants that can add value to a home.

If you want to know more about buying, renting, and selling houses, check back often so you never miss an update!


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