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Cannabidiol, CBD for short is a well-known derivative of Cannabis. CBD oil has been known or tagged to have solutions to some very common diseases. Among its other derivatives, it stands out as impactful in the medical world rather than in the social world, unlike its fellow counterpart and derivative of cannabis, THC.

Tetrahydrocannabinol, THC for short, a highly psychoactive constituent of cannabis which is known to cause the impression of getting “high” or “low” depending on the slogan peculiar to your location. Unlike CBD, it has its impact socially. This article is solely directed to look into the top five functions or benefits of Cannabidiol, and the oil produced from this plant, in our everyday life.

Let’s dive in!

Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and Depression are common and rampant health disabilities and disturbances among the young generation. Anxiety is a regular feeling of inappropriate levels of nervousness. It is a kind of anomaly, which regards emotions leading to excessive fright and shyness. It may result naturally or as a result of a traumatic experience. Depression on the other hand, is a kind of health-wise problem which results into moodiness, sadness, loss of appetite, loss of interest in everything and in severe cases, suicide or man slaughter. It can be caused as a result of poverty, gambling and alcoholism addictions, death of a dear friend or sibling and the list goes on.

CBD has been established to ease the symptoms of anxiety and depression. According to some studies carried out by experts, 20 people were given CBD right before they spoke to the public as a form of experiment which showed positive improvement, less anxiety, a growth of self-esteem and a feeling of comfort.

Cancer-Related Symptoms

Symptoms related to cancer such as nausea, vomiting and unnecessary pains in the body can be reduced drastically and effectively with appropriate use of CBD. An experiment was carried out on some patients to check for the effects of CBD on cancer related signs. However, combining the efforts of CBD and THC, it showed positive results in the reduction of these indicators in comparison to the effect of THC alone.

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases in the world: the most common are cancer of lungs, breast, skin and ovaries. Happily, we can say to some extent that CBD can help in the fight with Cancer and in easing the pain relative to chemotherapy. According to a particular scientific study, it was discovered that CBD inhibits the growth as well as induces the death of breast cancer cells.

Acne Reduction

Acne is a skin anomaly or outgrowth as a result of a few reasons such as bacteria, inflammation, excessive production of oil from the sebaceous glands, genetic implication and so on. According to some Chinese beliefs, appearance of acne on the ear signifies kidney problem while acne on the cheek signifies liver issues. However, this are just superstitions with no scientific backing. Well medical-wise, acne is characterized by reddish pimples on the skin causing discomfort to the victims. CBD oil has anti-inflammatory characteristics which give the ability to fight against acne. CBD also has the ability to block the excessive production of sebum in the sebaceous glands.

Improvement Heart Health

As a result of in-depth study of CBD and what it can offer, researchers found out that CBD has the ability to alleviate high blood pressure. HBP (High Blood Pressure) is directly linked with many health conditions such as acute stroke, severe heart problems and so on. If CBD can alleviate high blood pressure in the body, then indirectly it will inhibit its effects. According to an experiment carried out by a group of scientists on patients with HBP, the study revealed that CBD is capable of reducing heart related problems in the body.

Treatment of Drug Addiction

How about that? Even though it is a derivative of cannabis, CBD can in fact counteract and modify the brain cells controlling or relating to drug addictions. An experiment was carried out on a rat that was deadly addicted to morphine. With the use of CBD, the rat showed drastic reduction in the dependence on morphine and other drug addictions.

However, there are many other benefits CBD stands to offer, but with these few ones mentioned above, we can conclude that CBD should be an even more important entity in the medical industry. Nonetheless, it still needs more in-depth study and exploration for the benefits of the future generations.


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