Concrete driveways enhance in form and function with stamped concrete, staining, and other decorative concrete options. A home or business owner can find it challenging to design and maintain a driveway. These areas have concrete floors which are constantly exposed to the outdoor elements. The concrete flooring, being exposed to the sun and rain needs a durable and resistant surface.

There are lots of concrete driveway options available for you. If you search in your local decor company or flooring experts near you can indeed find one. Today’s article shows the popular driveway designs you can consider. Knowing these will help you talk to your chosen flooring service provider.

Stamped Overlay

Concrete stamping is an appealing choice for driveways and other outdoor floorings. You can start by contacting a local stamp overlay company and browse some of their successful projects. You will see that stamped overlays can replicate the look of other raw materials you can access from nature. These are patterns of wood, slate, natural stone, flagstones, and even bricks.

The nice thing about stamped designs is that they are practical to use. A rubber mat presses down a fresh concrete mix to reveal the patterns. The patterns look natural over the surface. There is no need for installing pieces of tiles, pavers, or bricks because the stamps can achieve that look with just one entire block of concrete surface.

Stylized Finishing Options

Next, listed here are different finishing options you can do for your driveway.

  • Broom Finish. The broom finish offers no elaborate design. But if you are looking for simplicity, practicality, and aesthetic adaptability, the broom finish is your easy choice. Its look is achieved by running a broom over the surface, creating a textured surface. Choose this for function rather than form. The broom finish has the best slip resistance. Use this especially for sloping driveways.
  • Exposed Aggregate. Do you love the look of granite and marble? The exposed aggregate lets you have it for your driveways. The aggregate contains actual small pieces of granite and marble. Concrete contractors love this, too. They can have the option of what degree of exposure the mix should come out.
  • Scoring Concrete Pattern. Scoring, also known as the saw cut pattern. The saw cut designs are ideal for making driveway edges or frames for the pathway. It makes use of cutting decorative floors to make tile-like imagery on the concrete surface.
  • Salt Finish. The salt finish uses rock salt to add over the concrete. The finish provides a delicate pattern with the neutral appearance of rock slat pieces, increasing surface skid resistance.

Stenciled Patterns

The stenciled driveway patterns are like stamped. But instead of using rubber stamps, stencils made of cardboard or wood are used. Like the stamped designs, the stencil can also create patterns of wood, brick, cobblestones, and tiles.

Stained Concrete

Staining concrete used to be a traditional flooring design indoors. But now, even the outdoors like patio, and of course, your driveway can transform with staining. The staining techniques make the colors and dyes penetrate within the pores of the concrete. If you want the colors to last and not fade over your concrete driveway surface, you should use staining.

Staining can also go together with other decorative elements like aggregates, tiles, saw cuts, or scored concrete.

Faux Finishing

You can go more with custom flooring ideas – a water-based staining method combined with engraving results in faux finishing. The surface of your concrete driveway instantly enhances curb appeal by having floors that look luxurious even if it is out in the open.


Concrete driveway options offer so much more than you can imagine. Do not limit grey and cold concrete. With decorative resurfacing, you can get awesome concrete driveway designs that can make any heads turn as they pass and make a driveway around your property.


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