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We’ve all been feeling a little down lately, and the current coronavirus pandemic is to blame. Staying at home under quarantine conditions is important, but easier said than done; being home for so long can get suffocating, and at times there’s nothing more we want than to be able to escape from it all.

However, going outside still isn’t an option. So, what else can you do to help pass the time?

Luckily, there are many fantastic things you can turn to for hope and help in stressful times. Many people choose to spend their time online, especially on social networks. Social media has become a staple and gives us a way to connect with the outside world, be it reaching out to friends and family, catching up on the latest celeb gossip, or something that can make us laugh, the internet has a solution to it all.

If you’re wondering how to cheer yourself up, look no farther. To help you regain your heart and feel better in this odd time, we’ve compiled a list of 8 things to do to cheer you up. The best part? They’re all easily accessible through social networks!

1. Celebrity Live Streams

Cheering yourself up has never been easier! Have you heard of all the celebrities that are regularly conducting live streams with their fans? These influencers have millions of followers, many of which tune in to watch their favorite acts perform acoustic sessions, hold discussions, and much more.

If you have a Facebook or Instagram account, you, too, can tune in to catch these popular live streams. Some of the most popular ones being held are by singers like Miley Cyrus, Lauv, and Ava Max. If these aren’t your cup of tea, that’s okay. There are many other celebrities and influencers holding live streams, too; you’ll never know who if you don’t check!

2. Memes

You can’t exist as a citizen in the 21st century and not know what memes are. But, in case you’ve missed out on them, we’ll tell you: memes are funny posts, often accompanied by a picture, found on social media platforms.

Memes make us laugh, and can serve as a means to uplift your spirits during stressful times. They are extremely popular because of how relatable they are; memes address everyday problems through a humorous lens, which is what makes them so great.

3. Podcasts

Spotify, Facebook, and YouTube all have an excellent selection of free podcasts where like-minded people get together and talk about things that matter to them. If you’ve been looking for a way to expand your knowledge bank and learn about something new, podcasts are the way to go.

An informative podcast can teach us so much. If you’re too busy to listen to a full podcast, you can opt to read the transcript instead. However, transcripts tend to be long, too. An even faster way to understand a subject you’d like to learn about is by reading an essay on it.

For example, if you’d like to learn more about social media, or the side effects it has, go ahead and search for an essay on social networks on websites like https://eduzaurus.com/free-essay-samples/social-media/, or type in keywords like “public shaming pros and cons as a side effect of social media” into your search bar, and you’ll find loads of social network essays to read for free.

4. Reach Out To Your Loved Ones

Daily life leaves us all busy and tired, which often leads to us neglecting those we care about because we simply don’t have time for them… but this can all change, now.

Why not shoot your friends a text to remind them how much they mean to you? You can also reach out to a family member, a work buddy, or anyone you’d like to get back in touch with. Popular social platforms like Messenger and WhatsApp let you do this for free. So, go ahead and reach out to your loved ones!

5. Snapchat Subscriptions

Snapchat is a popular messaging app, with over 100 million active users per month. Not only does this app allow you to share snaps with loves ones, but it also lets you subscribe to popular magazines and read them for free!

6. Join a Facebook “Pretend” Group

Lately, many new groups have popped up on Facebook, where people with similar interests can get together and pretend they’re in a simulation. These groups, also known as “pretend” groups encourage people to act like they’re all together in real life and have discussions about things that appeal to them. Some people also pretend to embody a fictional character or a historical figure to make things more interesting.

7. Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch is a free video streaming platform brought to us by the most popular social network ever: Facebook. You can catch many fantastic shows on here, most of which post regular weekly episodes. One of the most popular shows is Huda Boss, which has millions of viewers and multiple seasons released so far.

8. Reddit Threads

Looking for an intellectual community of strangers to safety talk with about a topic that interests you? If so, then you’re going to want to head over to Reddit. Reddit is a website and app with over a billion users. You can post a question, a piece of writing, or a picture, and people from across the world will join your thread and have a healthy discussion about it.


The internet is full of many fantastic things you can try. If you’re feeling down, simply choose from our list of fun things to do using social networks and get started!


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