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If you’re planning a trip away, you’ll surely want to take your vaporizer and other vaping essentials along with you. This has proven difficult in the past, but as the vaping industry and our understanding of e-cigarettes has grown, everything has become a lot easier.

That said, there are still some rules to follow, some airlines that will be tougher than others in regard to vaping items, and some simple tips to keep all of your items safe. Here are our top tips for safe traveling with your vaporizer.

Keep Your Batteries Safe

Batteries are among the most important items in any vape kit. Without a charged battery, you won’t even be able to turn your vaporizer, let alone use it. It’s important to note that the kinds of batteries you typically find in vape mods and pens can lose their charge if they come into contact with metal items.

Be sure to pack them separately or wrap them in some other material to keep them safe. If you’re flying, you might find that your airline doesn’t allow these kinds of batteries in your checked luggage, so you’ll want to keep them in your carry-on instead.

Traveling with E Liquids

If you’re taking a flight and packing some e liquids, the best thing to do is keep them in your carry-on and ensure that they’re packed together with all other liquid items for when you go through the security lines.

You’ll also need to ensure that each e liquid bottle you pack is under 100ml in size, as anything larger than that will need to be either tossed away or placed in your checked luggage. Many e liquids come in strong glass bottles, but it’s still wise to wrap them in something soft and protective like clothes or bubble wrap to keep them from breaking.

Do Your Research

Just because vaping is popular and widespread it one location, the situation might not necessarily be the same in your travel destination. Different countries and regions around the world have their own attitudes to vaping, and it’s still a very new industry that we’re learning more about each and every day.

Some nations, for example, don’t allow for the sale of e-liquids, so you’ll need to pack your own juice before you go. Some nations, like Thailand for example, have total bans of vaping altogether, so you won’t even be able to take your vaporizer.

Read the Rules

In the same way that airlines can have different attitudes to things like electronic items or pets, they also have different views and rules regarding vaporizers and vaping equipment. Some are quite lax about the whole thing, while others can be relatively strict.

Most major airlines will have easy-to-find website pages telling you all you need to know about their vape-related rules, so be sure to read up on all of this information before booking your trip and ensure you find an airline that works for you.


If you vape on a regular basis, it’s only natural that you’ll want to take your vaporizer along on your travels. The tips, tricks, and guidance listed above should make the whole process a lot easier, but always remember to do thorough research when planning a trip so you don’t get caught out by any rules or limitations.


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