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Usually, students try to avoid extra-expends. That’s right – not all of you have spare cash, while traveling might seem an unnecessary luxury. However, when you are so young and inspired, isn’t it the best time to see the world? Don’t you want to taste some exotic food and meet foreign people? How about learning about another culture from within? That’s exciting! And we bet you dream about all of this.

If you stay at home because traveling is too expensive for you, we have good news – it might be cheaper than you think. With travel hacks and knowledge, you will make your dream come true. Eating a croissant for breakfast in Paris or catching a few rays on Bali – both are more than possible. In this post, we will discuss cheap student traveling and some easy ways to save some cheddar while enjoying your unforgettable vacations abroad.

Do some research

Take your time and do some research first. If you want to go skiing in the snowy mountains, the Swiss Alps seem to be very appealing. However, there are more places where you can find amazing landscapes and ski areas, like Central America or Southeast Asia. Obviously, they are significantly cheaper than elite options like the Alps. Also, do some research to find out which time is the best for traveling. Both tickets and living are less expensive at the low season.

Volunteer in exchange for accommodation

Some hostels offer free beds (and, sometimes, even food) for volunteering. If you are ready to do some light cooking, gardening, and helping visitors, you can get a place in a hostel for as long as you want. There are organizations like Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms where you have a chance to do some farming in exchange for a houseroom.

Benefit from flights for students

Find traveling companies that offer low rates for students. As a rule, they provide low-cost tickets as well as a dwelling, and even excursions. If you decide to travel by plane, make sure to find out if they have student travel discounts.

Try ridesharing

Numerous services match riders and drivers who are traveling around the world. This is a great option to save money while you are on the road. As for the expenses, in most cases, you will travel in a car with other people and chip in together to pay the driver.

Don’t chuck your studies

If you are going abroad for a long time, sign up to continue studying. Colleges and universities usually have partnerships and programs in different countries. All you need is to make some efforts in search and click to read more information about these programs. Consider studying abroad as an option – who knows, maybe this is the best step to take.

Ask your friends and family about the contacts abroad

If you have already chosen the destination, ask your family and friends if they have someone they know there. Who knows, maybe, they have a free bed for you? If they don’t, perhaps, they know people who do. At least you will have someone to meet there during your stay.

Make a Facebook search

If you cannot find anyone who lives at the place you are traveling to, you may expand your search and check social media. Ask your friends if they have someone who lives there and they might ask their friends. Social media is an efficient connector!

Travel with a friend

Traveling with your buddy, you will save a lot of money, since you will have a chance to split the expenses for food and room. Traveling together is always cheaper and safer.

Don’t eat in cafeterias and restaurants too much

At least don’t eat there every day. Of course, you want to taste some Italian pizza or Chinese curry – it is totally worth it. Eat out for a couple of times a week and go to the supermarkets at all other times.

Use public transport only

During college travel, students usually feel excited and want to see everything fast. Trying to learn the metro map and understand which bus to take and where to get out might seem daunting. However, don’t be lazy and fight the temptation to ride taxis! Cabs will gobble your precious dollars up.


As you can see, there are many ways to make your trips easier and cheaper. Before you start packing your things, do research, and find the best destination. Travel during the low season – this will help you save money. All in all, Amsterdam or Rome are not less beautiful in winter! Also, make sure to choose traveling companies and airlines that provide discounts for students. Then ask your relatives and friends if they have someone they know in the city you have chosen – maybe they have some dwelling options. Don’t forget about volunteering in hostels as well! When you are already there, try to cut expenses for cafes and Uber. With these tips at hand, you will definitely visit a country of your dream without heavy expenditures!


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