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There’s no doubt that Chuck-E-Cheese is still one of the ultimate destinations for children and when it comes to birthdays, or more specifically birthday parties, it’s high on most kids’ lists. As a parent it’s only natural to want to give your children what they want without blowing your budget. Thankfully, there are many things you can do to throw a great Chuck-E-Cheese birthday party for less while still wow-ing your kids and their friends.

Check for Coupons

One of the best ways to save money on any visit to Chuck-E-Cheese (or a similar establishment) is to check for online coupons or discounts. Depending on the size of the party you are planning, Chuck E Cheese coupons can really help to keep the cost of food, drink, and play points to a minimum.

Remember that there are some offers and coupons that can actually be used together. Stacking offers is an easy way to keep your budget healthy and could help you to get the best bang for your buck.

Ask for a Package Deal

If you are inviting more than one or two friends to your child’s birthday party it may be best to liaise directly with your local branch. Tell them roughly how many guests you expect and what you would like, then ask them to provide a package deal that will meet your needs. Branch managers often have some discretion to offer deals in situations like this.

Remember that it will be more expensive if you want to book out the whole venue, but there are often rooms or sections reserved for parties that offer a good balance of budget-friendliness and privacy. These package deals often include a play pass band, some points, a few slices of pizza, and a drink for each attendee making them cost effective.

Buy Play Points in Bulk

While there are time-based play passes available now, play points can be more cost-effective when you have a party to plan. This is because there is the option to buy in bulk. Buying products in bulk is often cheaper in the long-term and play points are no different. Chuck-E-Cheese regularly runs offers where you can get big discounts on bulk play points orders.

Buying in bulk and splitting the points between the children attending will make it much easier to give your children and their friends ample play time.

Bring Your Own Cake

Bringing your own birthday cake is one of the easiest ways to knock a chunk of change off of the bill for a Chuck-E-Cheese birthday party. While some locations offer the option of sourcing a cake for parties, they are likely to do so at a mark-up.

Make it clear that you are bringing your own cake when arranging the party to ensure that the cost of a cake is not tacked onto your overall bill.

Make Your Own Party Favors

There’s nothing worse than being the only kid at the party that didn’t win a prize of some kind – except for being the parent that has to ensure they get something to take away. Avoid disappointment and last minute splurges by preparing party favors to hand out so that no child leaves empty handed. A trip to Dollar Tree can be a cost effective way to get small toys, candy, and other party favors to make into cute take-away bags.

Remember couponing is wide-spread and there are options and offers for most major stores! So there may even be coupons that you can use to get party favors. This can save you an extra few dollars and keep the overall cost of the party low.


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