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You might have exciting stories to share with the world. You might feel that it is the most thrilling and excellent plot that you have ever thought. Your hearts might race down to pen down these tales so that your readers read it and get the chill. However, impressive your ideas are and exciting your theme seems, unless you pour it out in a way that is appealing to masses, your stories will not be appreciated.

There comes the significance of understanding the real essence of writing in a way that is appealing to large numbers. Here is where the writer in you must be cautious about putting down your tales that can keep your reader amazed. Understanding the pulse and wavelength of the reader is the primary concern in this regard. Unless and until your writings are engaging enough, your scripts will not matter; however, knowledgeable or exciting is the content.

Thus, you might be now aware of the importance of learning how to put your stories well. Every scene of your tale shall arouse some feeling in the audience and should make them eager to read the next plot. They must be able to appreciate the rhythm and the tone in which the story progresses.

Not many storytellers have the in-born ability to tell their stories that can win the hearts of people. However, the writer in you need not feel disheartened a bit if you are not the gifted one. There are a few tips and tricks that you can follow while telling your stories to ensure that it wins the hearts of people. Five of them are listed and detailed in the following excerpts.

  1. Realistic stories are more demanding
  2. Ensuring the presence of sufficient conflicts
  3. Give a thought on making your stakes high
  4. Intentionally plotting some causes which lead to effects
  5. Playing out an emotional core can work a lot

How to structure your story to make it enjoyable?

Once you have made sure that you have given enough thought on the above ideas, try structuring your story. In can be done by parting it into three parts.

Introducing your characters to the audience can be the beginning of these parts. The viewer must be able to get an idea of the characteristic traits of your characters, though you need not reveal the entirely in a single go. But they can be laid out in part-by-part so that the audience can ink them somehow. It is through these characters that you try to take your story forward. It is through their words, actions, and mannerisms that you can unveil your tale to your audience. This plot must be such that it can bring about an adrenaline rush in the ones to whom you re telling your story.

In the middle part, you can bring out the challenges faced by your character. The audience must be able to feel the change in the tone. It is through this part that you unwind the extent of the layer of dimensions you give to your story. The more attractive you make this part, the more anxious will be the audience to hear from you. The change of happenings should not look stuffed and should complement the overall tone of the story.

The end part must unwind the complexities of the story. All the voids that you have left behind while telling the tale must be filled in before ending the tale. The audience must feel contented and a feeling of fullness. Any worthless gap left by the storyteller will bring in an emptiness in the minds of the reader due to which they will feel that their time has been wasted away. Some storytellers unwind all the suspense that they have left while narrating their story. Illustrating it in the real sense leaves the audience in a state of awe. They will never fail to appreciate the brilliance of your tales, and it will be carried onto generations.

Magic of story-telling

Story-telling is an art that entertains people irrespective of the caste, creed, and the gender they belong. However, you need not possess vast knowledge and experience to know what works best. Though both these factors help you come up with outstanding plots that can win the hearts of large numbers, that is not a requirement to tell appealing stories. If you are someone with ideas and a heart to take efforts, you can turn yourself into a capable storyteller that can play with your readers mind.

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