father and his little daughter playing with various buttons at home

The pleasure and joy of having a child are quickly replaced by the seriousness of the undertaking. After all, as a parent, you want to give your child the very best opportunities in life. This means starting young, teaching them the difference between right and wrong, and getting them into a good institute for early learning Bendigo.

The simple fact is that between birth and the age of 3, children are like sponges. They absorb every piece of information around them. That makes this a key time in their life to learn. Of course, the issue becomes how to best teach your 1-2-year-old toddler, especially as this is the period when they enter the ‘terrible twos’.

The good news is that you can still teach your child at this age, you simply need to understand and adopt the right approach.


Children learn best when they have a routine. This is especially true if you want them to sit down for a specific period and learn. Create a schedule that allows your young child to see when they are expected to earn.

Not only will this help to put them in the right mindset for learning, but they will also learn about time management.

Of course, for the routine to really work you should plan out the lesson, ensuring every moment of the available learning time is used beneficially.


One of the best ways for children to learn is through play. This means in your downtime you need to interact with your child and simply play with them. Using building blocks is a great opportunity to have fun and get them to practice counting.

Almost any game can be used as a way to increase learning. This is a chance for you to use your imagination.

Enroll In Early Learning

It can seem harsh sending your young child to an early learning center but this is one of the best approaches. Early learning centers are geared up to teach and enlighten your child. They have all the tools to ensure your child learns quickly and effectively.

Best of all, when your child is at home, you can spend the time having fun with them instead of teaching them. This will improve your parent-child bond.

Read To Them

A simple pastime that is both fun and educational is reading. You can read a book to your young child. This introduces them to the world of reading and ensures they hear new words every day. You can make sure they understand the words they are hearing by gently quizzing them on the words.

Reading is also a great time to bond with your child, that’s something which is very important to every parent. Bonding creates the link that binds you and your child together for life, building respect along the way.

By taking these simple steps you’ll be helping your child to make the most of any opportunity and to become accustomed to structured learning. That is a skill which will be beneficial throughout their life.


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