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With a global pandemic still in full effect, lockdowns imposed, and restrictions on our movement, millions of people are having to work from their homes. Working from home can be a lot easier than having to commute to work, take trains, and travel home. It also allows you more time with your family, which is what this page will hope to tell you all about. It is important to add here, however, that if you are working from home, you must not take shortcuts and produce poor quality work simply because you desire to spend more time with your family, as that is unacceptable. You shouldn’t become lazy and complacent – and while it is very easy to do when working from home – you mustn’t allow it to happen.

Do you want to spend more quality time with your family while working from home? Here’s how you can, while still producing top-quality work.

Break Time

If you were working in an office, you would have a period of up to an hour to take a break. When on a break at home, however, you are afforded more time to spend with your family. A great way to spend time with them on a break would be to watch late-night television and movies that may have aired past your children’s bedtimes (as they will likely still be following their school routine). Most televisions can now record TV shows without a DVR, so you should have no problem recording and watching television on your television set. Spending your breaks with your family will be a lot of fun and will create a more comfortable living environment and ease the tension brought on by the COVID-19 restrictions. Consider break times with your family.


Rather than spending your break time with your family, work through it so you can finish earlier. If you finish an hour earlier, it will mean that you can spend the evening, which is truthfully a far better time to spend with your family, entirely with your family. The evening after work when working in the office will likely be stressful, you will be tired, and you will be in a foul mood. When working from home, however, this won’t be the case, and every evening can be fun, exciting, and full of love and happiness. Skip your break to finish earlier.

No Commuting

As mentioned previously, and as mentioned in the last point, when returning home from work after a long day in the office, you will be tired from commuting. When you are working from home, however, you won’t have to commute, which means that you will be better equipped to spend more time with your family and will be in a far better mood. Only when you don’t have to commute will you realize how much commuting takes it out of you and wears you down.

Start Early

If your work consists of a daily amount of work that can be finished early, then starting early may well be a viable option to spend more time with your family. If you start work in the early hours of the morning, you should be able to finish by midday by flat-out working without any breaks, meaning you will have afternoons to spend with your family and create memories that last a lifetime. This will only be a viable option if you can complete your work without having anymore added – often, people will be given new work throughout the day and be expected to be on call. Try to negotiate with your managers an earlier shift, although you may still be expected to be on call all day. Still, it is well worth mentioning, as this could definitely free up time that can be spent with your family.

Work in the Same Room

If your family is sitting around reading or sitting quietly, you could consider sitting in the room with them while they work – this can only happen if they are respectful and don’t try to distract you, otherwise, they may compromise the quality of the work that you produce. Working in the same room as your family is still a great way to spend time with them, even if you won’t be doing what they are doing or actively engaged with them. Presence is often enough for some people and is a great way to show you love them.

Now, with the help of this page, you will be able to spend more time with your family and create moments that last forever. Our families are, when all is said and done, all that we have, and should be cherished and treasured.


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