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It is easy to get back on our primal nature. We are wired to do it.

In the past, when beds and mattresses weren’t invented, humans slept on the ground. It might be a past practice. However, one should not consider it outdated.

In fact, one should know how to sleep on the floor. There are instances where you are going to be compelled to lie on the ground, especially if there’s a lack of bed space. Cases like camping will also require you to distance yourself from any comforts.

But don’t let this stint make you sleep-deprived. There are proper ways on how you can do this. Check out the guide below.

Secure The Gears

Let me tell you about an embarrassing story.

A few years ago, I had to visit my friend’s house to settle some transactions. It required me to stay there overnight, which was completely fine for me. But because her home didn’t have enough room for me to sleep, I just settled on lying on the carpeted part of her living room.

She was so shocked the following day when she saw me snoring on the floor. Apparently, she had a spare mattress that I could use, but it was too late for that.

You see, there’s no point to lay on a bare floor. You can always sleep on the ground, but this doesn’t mean that you are free not to use any sleep amenities. Floor mattress beds, foams, and even sleeping bags can help ease the experience.

Blankets and pillows are very welcomed as well. So don’t ever get the idea that sleeping on the floor is exceptionally uncomfortable.

Clean The Area

One of the biggest concerns for people who want to sleep on the floor is the given cleanliness. One way or another, it is already inevitable that dust and debris will be present in the equation. Even houses that are located in areas where there is no visible source of dirt, these tiny invaders can still come in.

Of course, you don’t want to be surrounded by these elements while you are on the ground. There are a lot of health issues that a person can sustain by inhaling specks of dust. It can trigger allergies and other respiratory ailments.

Fortunately, sleeping outdoors can be an exemption to this rule. But other than that, you need to practice constant cleaning regimen. After all, one would definitely find it disconcerting if the floors are studded with clutter and rubbish.

Here is a video that can serve as a guide on proper floor cleaning.

Find A Comfortable Sleeping Spot

If you have a large house, finding a pleasant and conducive floor space to sleep is not that difficult. You need to select which part provides the most convenience to you.

Just keep in mind that not all floor area in your house can be used as your sleeping ground. Would you even sleep on the floor of your kitchen or basement? I bet that you will frown in disagreement.

I have formulated a set of criteria that will help you decide which “floor” in your abode should you use. Here are they:

  • The floor area should be spacious enough so that you can freely stretch your body. It is one of the benefits of sleeping on the floor, and it shouldn’t be disregarded.
  • Again, cleanliness is a must. You should not lie in an area where a lot of debris and distractions are present.
  • Select a floor space that has enough ventilation. You don’t want to lie hot there.
  • Make sure that it is has a safe distance to fragile furniture that can be toppled over if you move too much.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

Your clothing plays a part in the comfort that you are going to feel once your body lies on the floor already. Depending on the situation, you might want to wear a thick or thin set of clothes.

Ideally, the most proper sleeping garments would be clothes that can fully clad the body. They are the ones that can protect you from cold and insect bites. The more cover your body has, the more comfort it can feel.

The only question that remains here is whether you are going to choose thick or thin garments. If the external temperature is considerably frigid, you need enhanced insulation. If it is pretty humid, wearing loose clothes is a must.

Bottom Line

It is pretty encouraged that once in a while, people would sleep on the floor. It serves as a venue for your body to be able to stretch fully. While relaxing on the floor, your body can be relieved from muscle strains and even benefit from gradual correction of spine alignment.

But before you can fully enjoy the benefits of this sleeping experience, one should do some necessary preparations. You can follow the guide that I have listed here. They can help you get a pleasurable time even if you are away from the comforts of your bed.

That’s it for now. If you have questions or suggestions, drop a comment below.


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