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Having a lot of different responsibilities is one of the things that you will experience once you are called a parent. You have sets of responsibilities when your children are still very young. You have even greater responsibilities when they reach their teenage years. One of those responsibilities is protecting them against any car-related crimes.

In their teenage years, time will eventually come when you receive a phone call from a police officer saying that your son/daughter has been caught drunk driving or driving under the influence of any substance. You may think that those scenarios may seem inevitable because they are in their wild teenage years, but what if there are things that you can do to prevent that from happening. There are different ways to protect your family members against DUI charges, and here are a few ways how.

Secure a car insurance

This first step is part of your responsibility as a parent when you give your children a car. This will also protect them when they have a DUI charge because car insurance will protect your child from the financial liability against any car-related accidents. They may have bumped into another car and caused an injury, scratched someone’s motorcycle, or driven into a concrete wall. The car insurance can also do vice versa, which means they can protect your child’s car from any damage or collision, vandalism, or even car theft.

Don’t let them drive while going to a party

If any of your family members will go to a party, you should already expect that there will be drinks and the possibility of them getting drunk. To ensure and protect them from any DUI charge, you should prevent them from driving. What you can do is to let them sleep there if they are drunk, or fetch them yourself. That way, you can prevent a car accident from happening, you may seem a little paranoid by doing this, but at least their safety is ensured.

Hire in advance a DUI attorney

You can hire in advance a DUI attorney for your family. This will help you be prepared for any family member that will be caught up on a DUI charge. The DUI attorney will help you in situations like that and will lessen your worries for your family members.

Follow-up your family members if they are into drugs

It is best to make sure that your family members are not into illegal drugs. You can ask them completely to avoid future DUI charges. You can do this secretly, or you can simply ask them with an open mind. If they are, be sure to prevent them from driving any car until they sort that problem themselves.

When they are with their friends, drive your son or daughter to the destination

This is for all of your family members, including yourself. When someone from your family asks that they will be hanging out with their friends, it is already expected that there will be drinks in that gathering, and they will have fun. To protect them from any DUI charge, you can simply drive them there and prevent them from bringing a car. If they decide to go somewhere using a car, you won’t have to worry about them getting any DUI charge because it is not them who is driving.


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