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Energy bills are rising. This is partly due to the cost of producing energy and increasing climate levies. But, it’s also connected with the increase in extreme weather and the need for more heating/cooling and even flood pumping.

With as much as 42% of your household expenditure going on heating and 25% on hot water, there are plenty of good reasons to look at renewable energy.

The good news is that as this becomes more popular it is becoming more affordable. Let’s take a look at the 5 ways to power your home with renewable energy.

1. Solar Panels

It’s probably not surprising that solar panels are first on the lust. Over recent years they have become an increasingly popular way of creating electricity for your home.

It should be noted that while you can install the panels yourself if you wish to connect to the main grid you’ll need the services of a reputable commercial electrician.

Whether you choose to buy panels or lease them, they can be fitted to your roof and will produce electricity as long as the sun is up.

Once the sun sets you’ll either need to rely on electricity stored in batteries, your connection to the grid, or another renewable energy source.

2. Wind Power

Wind turbines are usually found in groups on large pieces of land. These are wind farms that generate electricity and add it to the main grid for sale to consumers.

But, if you have a little space you can add your own wind turbine. You’ll need to check your local regs to ensure it is permissible and, ideally, you’ll have steady winds of at least 10 miles per hour.

Simply position the turbine and connect it up, the wind will take care of the rest.

3. Hydro Power

This isn’t going to be an option for most people but, if you have flowing water on your land it’s worth considering.

You’ll need to divert the stream so that it runs through your hydroelectric generator. As it passes through it will create electricity that can be used in the home. The great thing about this is that the creation of electricity is consistent and happens all through the day and night.

However, it is a complex system, you’ll probably need professional help designing and building it.

4. Solar Water Heating

Solar panels are a great idea for creating electricity. But, you can also get solar water heating panels. These panels directly heat a tank of water. You can then pump this water through your radiators and even your hot water system, giving you hot water at a fraction of the cost.

This is a great starting point for renewable energy as it is cheaper than powering the entire house with solar panels but still offers great savings.

5. Solar Air Conditioning

The power of the sun can be used to cool your home. Now that’s ingenious!

These devices work on a similar basis to the solar water heater, panels collect the sun’s energy and use it to power your air conditioning. The hotter the day the better your air conditioning is. After installation costs, this system costs nothing to run.


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