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Is your family one of the 70 million U.S. households that have a dog as a furry family member? When your dog means that much to you, it’s natural to want to include Fido in everything you do, including vacations.

Yet it’s not always easy to take a vacation with dogs. Restrictions on where you can take your pup can limit your options.

Keep reading for tips on the best vacations with dogs.

Travel by Car

While you can take dogs on planes, the easiest option for a vacation with your dog is one that allows you to drive. Flying can be dangerous for dogs with airlines often requiring dogs to go in the cargo area. Driving gives you more control and allows you to stay with your dog for the entire trip.

When planning a vacation with dogs, choose a location that’s close enough for a road trip. Consider how well your dog does in vehicles. If your dog gets restless after short drives, taking a cross-country road trip together likely won’t go well.

Pick a Pet-Friendly Destination

Before you book any travel, consider how pet friendly the destinations are that you’re considering. The best places to vacation with dogs are those that welcome furry friends and have plenty of dog-friendly activities.

If you choose a touristy location with lots of sightseeing locations that don’t allow dogs, your pup is going to spend a lot of time at the hotel or vacation rental. However, if you plan a beach vacation in a location with beaches that allow dogs, you can spend lots of time in the sand and sun with your furry friend.

Reserve Dog-Friendly Accommodations

Vacation rentals with dogs are often more limited. Some hotels allow dogs, but they often come with an additional fee and might have breed restrictions. Research the extra costs and restrictions before booking.

Another option is finding a pet-friendly vacation home or condo. Whether or not dogs are allowed is up to the property owner, so read the vacation rental terms before booking. If you’re renting a condo or a home in a gated community, there could be breed restrictions or other pet restrictions beyond the owner’s preferences.

If you like an outdoorsy vacation, camping at a pet-friendly campground is an option.

Look at pictures and descriptions of the property to ensure it has accommodations and safety features for your dog. You need a grassy spot where your pet can go to the bathroom. A location away from busy roads can also be safer in case your dog gets away.

Plan Your Route

Fun vacations with your dog start with a solid plan that helps you avoid problems. Choose a route that gives you access to green spaces or convenient stops where you can walk your dog. Plan for stops every few hours for your furry friend to go to the bathroom, eat, and drink.

If you’re planning to stop at sites along the way, research them to verify that they’re dog friendly. It’s unsafe to leave your dog alone in your vehicle, especially when it’s hot. Avoid stops that would require you to leave your dog in the car.

Plan Your Vacation With Dogs

A vacation with dogs is possible, but it takes a little extra planning and preparation. Pet-friendly accommodations, transportation, and activities let your furry family members participate in family trips with ease.


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