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When people think of bachelorette parties, they go straight to the usual: shots, men and rhinestone-studded hats and shirts that read Team Bride or Wine Girl Wasted. However, this isn’t every bride’s dream party, and neither is a tea party with white gloves and big hats. Most fall somewhere in the middle and really want a fun weekend planned with friends catching-up with one another and some good ole fashioned debauchery. Here are a few tips on how to get that perfect balance.

1. Make it personal

Make sure you are planning the party for the bride and no one else. This seems kind of like a no brainer, but just because you and your friends love a good Irish car bomb on a Friday night, doesn’t mean the bride does. You have to pay attention to her preferences and make her clarify her wants. Ask specific questions like: crazy partying or casual weekend? Fancy dinner and drinks or spa day and wine spritzers? Take this approach in everything about the party, including games, food, drinks, and presents. It must be tailored to the bride and how she envisions her time celebrating her.

For food, you can customize a charcuterie board for when she arrives with her favorite finger foods. You can do a breakfast one, a traditional one or even a sweets one, just make sure, once again, it is tailored for her.

2. Budget thoughtfully

Make sure you have reached out to the rest of the group before the weekend and have come up with an estimated cost or even exact that everyone agrees upon. Also, it is easiest to have the guests pay the organizer up front for all activities, and don’t forget: the bride doesn’t pay for anything that is planned. Make sure you factor her cost into your estimates.

Sometimes hotels can be costly, especially if you are already travelling far. Look at real estate websites like Denver real estate to see if AirBnBs or rentals are an option for a better bang for your buck.

3. Don’t over schedule

It might seem like a bachelorette party has to be packed with activities, however, that really is farthest from the truth. Being with friends and hanging out should be the top priority. You don’t want to be stressed about time because someone is always bound to be late and big groups mean more time doing, well, everything. Remember to be flexible and go with the flow.

4. The fun stuff

Things like games, decorations, parting gifts and photo ops shouldn’t be put on the backburner or forgotten. These are the little things that take a weekend from fun to memorable.

Games: Just weave some games in throughout the party to keep it going but not overwhelm anyone. Games are easily found on the internet, so any “now” card game is always a crowd pleaser.

Decorations: This is where you can go over the top if you desire. If you are in a hotel room or a rental, try to get there first and decorate to your heart’s content to let the bride know she’s loved.

Photo Ops: You want to remember the weekend, especially if you plan on not remembering much, so some clever decorations, gifts or props can make sure that photos go on the “gram”. Try something like matching shirts or flower crowns to make the photos pop!

Parting Gift: It is just thoughtful to send the party home with a token from the weekend. Maybe put together a bag with a facemask, a shot glass from wherever you went, and some polaroids of the fun you had. Or you can start with a gift bag filled with some spay activities and matching nail polish to start off the great weekend.

5. Have a back-up plan

Even the best-laid plans will have a hiccup or two, so back-up options are always a good idea. Flights can be delayed or games can be rained out or even the bride can be too hungover from the night before to do the second day’s activities. Just keep calm and go with flow. Maybe make multiple reservations or make sure you have a patio and pool reserved in case everyone just wants to chill.

These are just some tips to plan a great bachelorette party weekend. There are many other tips such as asking for help with the planning and making sure the fiance is involved somehow either with some pictures or games. All in all, some thought and love will let the bride know that her maids have got her back and are there for her on her big day.


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