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Moving to a new home can come with quite the to-do list. Dealing with the various moving parts of your move might already look daunting in and of itself, but it seems near-impossible when you throw such a big responsibility – such as a tiny, demanding, delicate family member – into the mix. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be as hectic as you imagine.

Let’s walk through things like maintaining a consistent feeding and nap routine, packing while they’re asleep or away, and designating a safe play area so the process is as easy as possible – not overwhelming. Steps like these can help your newborn feel secure amid the chaos, help you concentrate when packing, and keep them safe from potential hazards like stacked boxes and sharp objects.

Before Moving With Your Baby

Follow these precautions and you’ll be able to move with confidence, knowing your child is as safe as possible – while you’re checking tasks off your list.

Schedule an Appointment With Your Pediatrician

Your child’s health is, of course, always the top priority. Take your baby for a routine checkup to make sure they’re healthy enough to take on the move. While you’re at it, ask for a referral to a pediatrician in your new city or town.

Search for New Childcare Options

Scout out your options for daycare and childcare programs ahead of time. Read reviews online and look for the best deal available. Waiting lists are common, so sign up as soon as you can to increase the odds of getting your baby into a program, especially if there will be two working parents in the household. You can also always ask neighbors once you arrive at your destination, but you’ll be less stressed if you look into this prior to settling in.

Find a Reliable Moving Company

Stated by a Plano moving company, research reliable movers so you know exactly what you’re getting in advance. A reliable moving company will reduce the burdens associated with big moves – and with a baby in tow, you’ll be glad you found one. Read reviews, ask for referrals, and (this part’s crucial) make sure the company is insured. They should also be friendly and informative over the phone.

Don’t Forget to Pack a Diaper Bag

As you already know, it’s important to keep those essentials close at hand. Fill your bag with plenty of diapers, food, formula, and maybe a few toys to help keep your baby entertained. Trust us, making sure your child is having a good time (or at least staying occupied) will keep the experience pleasant for everyone involved.

When Moving Day Finally Comes Around

Consider having a family member or close friend babysit so boxes can be hauled without worrying about the baby. Since moving day tends to be the most stressful, placing your baby in good hands gives you one less factor to worry about. A clearer head means you’re less likely to forget something, lose something, break something, or feel rushed.

After Moving With Your Newborn Baby

Congratulations, you’re now in your new home with your fairly new family member, and we bet you’re excited to see them grow up here. Now that you’ve officially arrived, here are some steps to help you settle in and finish the process smoothly – so you can simply look forward to all the good times you’ll have there together.

Unpack the Nursery First

Doing this allows your baby to adjust to their new environment early on. If you can, try to make the decor at least somewhat resemble that of their old room so they’re comfortable and things don’t feel so foreign to them. It will give your child a safe place to rest and play while you finish unpacking and organizing (not to mention the fun part: decorating).

Child-Proof the House

While you obviously don’t want your child damaging your valuables, it’s not just your belongings you’re concerned about – you want to keep your baby out of dangerous situations. Block off risky areas like the kitchen where there are hot or sharp objects, as well as any staircases to avoid falls. Baby gates can literally be a lifesaver.

Place child-locks on cabinets and doors you don’t want your baby getting into. Cover all electrical outlets and remove any choking hazards you see, including small objects on the floor. Look out for low shelving, too – if you have a climber, they could get into a dangerous spot.

Relax and Start Enjoying Your New Life – Baby, Home, and All

If you keep these things in mind for pre-move, moving day, and post-move with your baby, you can expect fairly smooth sailing ahead. Following these steps is the best way to keep your child safe and happy while moving. Stay organized, plan ahead, and you’ll be able to stay sane during the whole process – you might even enjoy it.


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