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YouTube has grown into one of the most visited sites, and with its growth, the competition for content creators has become fierce. So it is normal to feel frustrated if you have already created a channel and uploaded interesting videos yet do not see a change in views or subscribers.

If you are stuck in a rut and struggling with views, here is a list of some tricks to grow your channel.

1. Create Engaging Titles

Titles are part of the art of YouTube; it is part of the initial impression that draws people in.

Some people use buzzwords in titles that are not the main focus of the video. Using clickbait is discouraged because people are more likely to click out of your video. Once your channel has developed a reputation for using clickbait titles, fewer people are likely to come back to your videos.

However, there is still a way to create engaging titles without using buzzwords. Keep your titles as short as seven words so that they are more likely to show up on searches. Limit your keywords to only one keyword per title.

2. Boost Your Channel

There are different ways to boost your channel. One standard method to create exposure for your account is promoting it through ads.

Another way to boost your videos is by finding quality services that provide engagement for your channel. These services can provide your videos with real likes and views. For more information, visit

3. Create Quality Thumbnails

Before looking at the title, people are drawn to the thumbnail first. This is the reason why the thumbnail should interest people enough to click on the video.

There are certain ways to approach this, depending on what kind of content you create. Overall, the thumbnail should resonate with the energy and contents of the video, so be mindful of the color palette and components of the thumbnail.

For example, if the video is a recipe, then a good close up of the end product would be a good choice. People are more likely to be interested in videos with faces. Thus, finding a way to incorporate them into your thumbnail is a good idea.

4. Include tags

The tags on YouTube differ from that of other platforms, such as Instagram. The key to YouTube is adding an edge to your channel by being as precise as possible.

That means using as many hashtags as you can will not really be of use. Use relevant tags of essential keywords on your videos. These keywords should reflect the main content of your video.

5. Stay Alert for Trends

The magic of trends is that they come as fast as they go, and while they are there, they attract a lot of attention.

What makes a good content creator is not only trendsetters but people who can identify trends early on. If you are amongst the few people at the beginning of trend surges, you will notice how many people will click on your video out of initial curiosity.

That isn’t to say that latecomers do not benefit from trend views; just do not expect the feedback to be as great as it is when you upload videos early on. That is because usually at that point, the initial hype and curiosity it began with are not there anymore.

6. Engage with your Audience

Especially when starting out, it is crucial to reply to comments and talk to your viewers. This makes your channel feel more personal and is an important way to create a relationship with your viewers.

The bond is important because interaction creates a loyal viewer base, which means that they will return to watch your videos every time you upload.

7. Share Your Videos on Other Platforms

When you feel like you have gotten the most views from YouTube as you can get with your current number of followers, how do you increase your views? Share your videos on your other social media platforms. Even if people are interested in your content, they are not always on the site itself.

The post of your video is more likely to appear on your followers and new potential followers’ feeds, and it increases the exposure of your account.

8. Collaborate with Others

There are different ways to increase your reach, such as collaborating with other YouTube content creators. Collaborations can showcase your channel to an entirely new audience. However, you should be a bit picky about who you collaborate with.

The channel should be somehow related to your content, or else, if their viewers are not interested in your work at all, the whole collaboration effort will go to waste.

9. Utilize the End-Screen

Instead of fading out to black in the last three seconds of the video or abruptly ending it, take advantage of it.

Add links to playlists of your other videos, as this will increase the views for your old videos. Add fun graphics of your logo or texts to remind your viewers to like and subscribe.

10. Don’t be Shy to ask

If you are new to YouTube, it might be a bit new or embarrassing at first to ask your viewers to like and subscribe to your channel. However, there is a reason all the huge channels are doing it.

A few likes on your video can change the game for your channel. When more people hit like on your videos, more of your content appears on their feed. This helps increase the overall exposure of your channel.

Therefore, there is no harm in reminding your viewers to like and subscribe.


YouTube has become the hub of entertainment and education online as people are drawn to visual media. It has even become a source of income for many content creators, and it also gives people artistic freedom as they are their own boss.

So if you are serious about YouTube, you can use these tricks to figure out how the website works and how to optimize your views.


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