dog treats for puppies

CBD pet supplements are becoming more popular by the day. They can be an effective way to treat your dog’s pain and anxiety, which is why you’ll see an ever-increasing amount of CBD treats, oil drops, and food supplements available for purchase. However, if you are someone who likes making things yourself to save money or to ensure the quality of ingredients, you can also make your own treats for your dog. Doing this can be a bit tricky, as there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Here’s how you can make your own CBD dog treats:

Step One: Use the Right Dose

The first rule for making CBD treats for dogs is to use the right amount of CBD. Remember, dogs are not humans, and they are affected by CBD in smaller amounts than we are. To make CBD treats that are safe for your dog, you need to keep the size of your dog in mind as well — a little terrier needs a lot less than a full grown husky. If you don’t know how much CBD to use, you can read this guide to CBD oil for your pets. It will help you calculate how much is a good amount according to your dog’s weight. Keep in mind that the CBD you use will be divided in each treat.

Step Two: Pick Your CBD

Always make sure to use CBD that is completely THC-free, as THC can be toxic to dogs. You can also pick CBD in different strengths. There’s CBD oil that comes in a concentration suited to dogs, but if you’re making treats all that matters is knowing the strength of CBD you mix into the treat. It’s also a good idea to pick good quality CBD. Look up reviews for each brand and make sure they offer lab certification for the quality and concentration of the CBD. Those are the brands you can trust, like

Step Three: Pick Your Treat Type

Do you want to bake a hard treat, like a biscuit, or do you want to make soft treats that don’t require any baking? The latter can be quicker and easier to make, and it gets around the issue of CBD losing its potency when exposed to heat above 350 degrees Fahrenheit. This may not be an issue if the CBD is baked within a cookie, as the internal temperature of a biscuit does not get as hot as the oven itself.

There are a few different kinds of CBD treats, so look them up and see how to make them so you can choose what you want to try. You can also keep in mind ingredients, both in terms of what your dog likes and in terms of what’s healthy for them. Peanut butter makes a good treat, but you can mix in some pumpkin or sweet potato.

There are tons of recipes you can look up to help get you started, but the steps above can help you make safe, and healthy treats that your dog will love. Figuring out the dose is the most difficult part, but you can always start cautious and use much smaller amounts and work up to be safe.


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