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We live in an age where pretty much everything is becoming easier, and that’s thanks to the great minds of our world creating out-there, mind-boggling technology. Now, instead of waiting for what seems like forever for our dial-up connection to give us access to the internet to find out how to cook a chicken, we can simply dive into our pockets, pull out our smartphones and google it. It hasn’t stopped there either, as we can now even integrate smart technology into our homes to make life even easier! Interested in having a smarter home? Check out this list of the best smart home automations so that you can too, jump on the bandwagon!

Automatic devices

Being able to remotely complete tasks is a dream that man has had for many years and now, you can totally do it! Want to make sure the lights are on for when you arrive home after a long day at work? Totally possible! All you have to do is purchase a smart outlet system that you can control from your smartphone. Whether it be a lamp, electric heater, radio, or even your computer, you can now turn it on remotely!

Cleaning robots

Almost everybody hates doing housework, and that’s because it takes up valuable relaxing time and quite often, means cleaning up a mess that you didn’t necessarily make. Luckily, the clever minds that we’re blessed with have created cleaning robots so that we no longer have to!

Imagine never having to lift your vacuum out of the cupboard again? You can now buy robotic vacuums that will make their way around your home, picking up any debris in the way! The best part? When the battery is low, it will take itself back to its charging station and charge up before it carries on! The only thing you have to do is empty it from time to time, but the more often you’re using your little helper, the less often you’ll find you have to empty it.

We can’t mention cleaning robots without, of course, mentioning the good old trusty dishwasher. They may not seem like they’re up there in the technology world, but not too long ago the only way to get the dishes clean was to do it all by hand. It doesn’t stop there either, as you can now get smart dishwashers that work out what kind of cycle it needs to run. Heavily soiled pots and pans? It will run a more intense cycle and for anything less, it will determine the right wash so that not only are you not waiting around for your dishwasher to finish, but you’re actually saving money too!

Multi-room technology

Have you ever wanted to use your sky box, but in a different room? Well, now you can! With multi-room technology using HDTV matrix systems, you’re able to watch the same programmes but in different rooms! Definitely, something to consider if you live in a large household and the remote is often argued over!

A virtual assistant

Gone are the days where we have to fumble around for a pen and piece of paper to jot things down, as we can now use a virtual assistant! That’s right, our species has got to a point where we literally have robotic assistants to make life easier. Want to remember to pick something up at the store? Let your assistant know and they’ll remind you! Perfect for those leading a busy and hectic life!

Smart gardening

Having a nice garden is all well and good until it comes to actually tend to it. Gardening can be time-consuming and while it might be a hobby for some, for others a nice garden is something they want to enjoy relaxing in, rather than constantly improving. You can now buy automated faucet timers so that you don’t have to worry about rushing home to water your garden. Set it to a few minutes at regular intervals and not only will you not have to water your garden manually, but your garden will look magnificent!

Leading a healthier life!

Thankfully the world is realising how important it is to stay fit and healthy, and it’s now even easier than ever. With smart weighing scales, you can now not only see how much you’ve lost, but you’ll know your water content, fat content, and even the weather if you wish!

Voice activation

Lastly, but certainly not the least, we now even have the luxury of using voice commands to complete everyday tasks! Want to open the garage door because your hands are full? Install a voice command device to do the job for you!

Having a smart home isn’t as far out of reach as you may think, and many smart home features don’t cost an arm and a leg either! Which one will you try first?


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