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We all have those moments when we have nothing important to do. Sometimes, it could be because you are home alone without much to do or you are in your workplace and there isn’t much going on there either.

Naturally, when you get bored, the next thing you think of is how time can go faster so that you can get to do other interesting things such as going home to meet loved ones after a long boring day at work among other commitments.

In every situation you have been stuck in, you are eager to make time go faster. You just want the clock to go faster than it normally does so that you can move to the next thing.

Of course, time is a natural phenomenon and you can’t make it go faster, literally. However, there are things you can do or should we say tricks you can do to make time feel like it’s passing faster. Here are a few examples of such tricks.

Avoid looking at the clock

You are able to tell the time because you’ve looked at the clock. You may be able to tell between day and night, mornings and evenings, but you can’t tell the specific timings if you don’t check the clock. Looking at the clock to know what’s the time is not a problem, it only becomes a problem if you are looking at it to see if time is moving as fast as you would want it to move.

When you check the clock every moment with such a mentality, even a short moment will seem like an eternity. You’ll become anxious, nervous and impatient such that you’ll be feeling like the clock is no longer ticking and that can be very frustrating.

It’s not easy to stop looking at the clock considering this is something you do subconsciously at times. Plus, time sources are everywhere from phones, computers, wall clocks, wristwatches, etc. Over the same, since you are bored and want to make time go faster, try harder. It’s a worthwhile cause. Begin by reducing time sources around you. For instance, remove your wristwatch, pull down the wall clock and put a small sticker on the edge of your laptop where the time is displayed. You’ll realize that every time you try checking the time, your mind will be disrupted by something else.

Break time into blocks

This is for those people who just can’t stop looking at their clocks. Besides, refraining from checking the time is not for everyone. If you find it pretty difficult to stop, don’t be too hard on yourself while there is an alternative.

This is what it means to break time into blocks. You reduce time intervals into smaller chunks. Instead of lamenting how you will be at work for eight long hours, think of how you will be going for a break in the next one hour. Eight hours will naturally feel too long particularly if you don’t have anything interesting to do but an hour is manageable.

Split unpleasant tasks

This is not an all-round option but at least it can help someone with tasks that can be split. Surprisingly, the major reason why people become bored is engaging in activities they aren’t happy about. When you are having fun, time passes very fast.

Unfortunately, no matter what, you’ll have to deal with tasks you don’t really like. When you find yourself in such situations, instead of striving to muscle through the whole task within a specific time, spread it across a couple of hours, days or even weeks depending on the nature of the task. That way, whenever you are doing that task, you will not feel like the time is not moving but rather, you will be looking forward to finishing that bit and moving on to other probably interesting tasks or moments.

Do something you love

Suppose you are home all alone and the day seems to get longer than it normally is. Instead of continuing to lie on the couch constantly looking at the clock, think of doing something you genuinely enjoy such as watching a movie, tidying up the house or trying out that new recipe. If you are a DIYer, you can paint that kitchen wall or decorate the hallway. You can also visit the nearest spa for a facial, massage or pedicure. If you want to minimize the costs, get the beauty products, the necessary gadgets and do the procedures at home. By the time you are finishing those activities, you will be wondering how fast time has passed.

Play some music

Sometimes, if your line of duty entails doing repetitive tasks, you may easily get bored and feel like time is not going faster. If that’s the case, organize for some cool music in the background. If you don’t want to interfere with other people’s spaces, get a pair of earphones or headphones. The music will disrupt your mind and help you to pass time more quickly.

Play some games

Since you’re so bored, why not kill the boredom by killing some enemies in a shooting game? There are plenty of such games on computers and on smartphones as well. If you’re not the violent type of gamer, use your mind to earn some money by playing games. There are numerous websites where you can find lot of opportunities to put your wisdom and luck to the test. Take gclub for example. From cards to dice and spins, you don’t know how your day will change for the better.

Read a book

The impressive thing about reading a book is the sweet opportunity it gives you to travel into another world. Whether it’s a new book you have been planning to read or it’s an older one you love to read over and over, immerse yourself in the book and transport your mind to a different place. You’ll realize that the time will go much faster as you turn those pages. If you don’t want to read the hard copy, listen to an audiobook, it’ll still serve the same purpose.

Take a nap

Experts from different fields seem to agree that the easiest way to make time go faster is to get some sleep. Furthermore, sleep provides you with a healthier option to pass time because when you sleep, you wake up feeling well-rested and rejuvenated.

So, if you are feeling bored and you don’t have anything better to do take a nap and pass time. If your days are feeling longer, go to bed early and shorten the conscious waiting time. If you are striving to fall asleep, try relaxation techniques to help you get a goodnight’s sleep.

Why you feel like time is not moving

The truth is, there is only one sequence of time movement. The reason why we feel like time is moving slowly or faster is our moods. If you are happy and enjoying the moments, time will move faster and vice versa is true.

Hence, every time you feel the time is not going as fast as you would want it to go, evaluate your activities. If it’s because you don’t have something entertaining to do, try to find an activity that you really love. If you are so idle, find things to do to keep you occupied. The bottom line is, examine the things that make you feel like time is not going faster and look for solutions around that.


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