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Traveling in a foreign land could be troublesome and frustrating in a lot of ways. There can be instances of getting lost, language barrier problems, culture shock moments, and other things that you can experience upon stepping on foreign land.

Europe, being labeled as the ‘sprouting ground of civilizations,’ offers various tourist spots to those with an adventurous heart. From the beautiful aesthetic towns of Greece to the mounting castles of England, name it and you will be sure that Europe is rich with it.

This is the culture of Europe which stands out among other continents. They have various cultures and traditions that are very rich and astounding that they can proudly show off to anyone in the world.

Knowing Europe is a vast continent that is home to different ethnicities and culture, here is your ultimate guide for your Europe trip. After identifying these essentials, you would surely enjoy your Europe escapade and make it worthwhile.

Guide #1 Travel In Small Groups

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Although a lot of travelers consider themselves as lone wolves and would probably disagree with this tip, traveling in an unknown land in a small group is the best choice for most. It doesn’t only apply with the saying “the more, the merrier,” but security wise, it is safer to travel in a flock.

Traveling with someone else could also help bring out the best companion in you. Psychologically, a person is more confident and stronger when in a group. Group thinking can help you evaluate situations, as you see different angles in one situation.

More so, we just can’t ignore the fact that going out anywhere could really be merrier rather than going solo. How can you take those Instagram-worthy photos if you are alone for most of the time? Who will help you choose which item to buy when you have that which-item-should-I-choose dilemma?

Lastly, let’s face it, seeing a bunch of gleaming faces in your travel photo book from MilkBooks is more meaningful rather than having all those solo photos with a statue.

Guide #2 Do As The Locals Do

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It is inevitable for a tourist to stand out from a crowd, that is so true. No matter how you try to mingle and blend with the locals, in most times, one just couldn’t blend in. Well, if you could be lucky enough to look like the locals, you might survive. But if you’re not, then that’s where the trouble kicks in – or so you thought.

Suggesting that you do as the locals don’t necessarily mean that you force yourself to look like the locals, dress like them, act like them, and the like. What we are suggesting here is that you immerse yourself with local traditions and enjoy the cultures that they have.

Try eating jamón Ibérico (cured Iberian ham) at Mercado San Miguel in Barcelona instead of going on an expensive spree in high-class restaurants in Madrid. Doing as the locals do is enjoying what the people living in the area are enjoying.

This motto will allow you to delve in deeper to their local cultures which are the base signatures of their identity as a society.

Guide #3 Always Be Prepared

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No one wants to face and experience unfortunate accidents that may hamper the trip. But that doesn’t mean you should not be aware of such things. It pays to be prepared on any trip we make – not just foreign trips. Assuring your safety in all possible circumstances will allow you to be comfortable in the whole course of your travel.

Pickpocketing is common in big cities in Europe, so you would want to pack your gears light without flaunting your wealth. Using backpacks that have hidden compartments to store your valuables would be very ideal. Packing light would help you monitor the things you are bringing with you whether you fly from London to Italy to France to the Netherlands and to wherever in Europe.

It is also necessary to pack the following things:

  • Painkillers
  • Sunscreen
  • First aid kit
  • Emergency phones
  • Tumbler
  • Extra money in a separate wallet
  • Travel map
  • Pepper Spray or any self-defense tool

Always make sure that you have a spare kit to tuck these things safely and use them in times of crisis.

Guide #4 Organize A Travel Plan

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Planning your travels ahead of time will save not only your time but your whole travel escapade. If you know where to go next, you wouldn’t have to sulk in a corner thinking what you should do in a foreign land that you barely know anything about.

Many take this tip lightly but researching before traveling is a must-have skill to enjoy your travel. And yes, what you’re doing right now , reading this article, is a good start. It pays to know that when shopping in Ireland, it is best to have sterling pound instead of relying on Euro.

Taxis in Baku are pretty expensive, and some drivers cheat tourists with big backpacks by inflating their fares. This is almost unavoidable in many cities, not just in Baku. In Amsterdam, it would be essential to get an ‘I Amsterdam City Card’ so that you can save your cash.

Flexible itineraries would also help you in your journey. There are several travel agencies that offer flexible routes to your liking that would also fit your budget.

Guide #5 Enjoy With Manners

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When traveling, the primary goal of a person is to enjoy oneself. It is most likely considered to be a self-fulfilling activity. This point of view may sound too selfish, but it is the truth with many travelers out there.

Travelers seek to find pleasure in a foreign land. Although this is not wrong, there has to be limitations and precautions when we indulge in enjoying ourselves in someone else’s territory.

A wise traveler would always be mindful of his or her action with the locals. If you want to do as the locals do, respect the things that the locals respect. This act would allow you to indulge in their culture deeper rather than not paying attention to their unspoken rules.

Always remember that you should behave well in another country. Why? Because when you are in another country, you are not just presenting who you are as a person, you are representing the whole race with you.


Truth be told, traveling comes along with a lot of baggage – more than just what you are carrying. It brings with you mental preparedness, an adventurous heart, and a travel photobook willing to be filled with memories.

Europe is one of the best tourist destinations out there. It is a place to experience what it is to be both wild and to have peace, to be at present and somehow peak at the past. Travelling could be a lot of fun. But always remember to be safe. Be vigilant while having fun, and never let yourself not enjoy each moment in this beautiful continent.


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