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If you look back in the past and compare the society a century ago and nowadays, you will see the huge difference between generations. The modern era has brought great changes in all the spheres of life whether it’s about shopping or dating. Feminism in its pure form cannot be considered the right choice, but one way or another, it has influenced the attitude towards women and their rights and freedoms. Nonetheless, even though modern society is very progressive, it still puts pressure on women’s behavior. Thus, girls are often embarrassed to openly say about their sympathy, ask somebody out on a date or make a proposal. The very thing they do is sending certain signals in the hope that a man will understand them and take the first step. And the problem is that very often, these signals are too subtle and confusing so, a man continues to ask himself, “Is she into me?” being afraid that he confuses wishful thinking with the reality. So, how to understand that a girl is into you? Here are 10 signs you should pay attention to.

1. She tries to touch you

If her attempts to fix hair can be a coincidence, then her desire to touch you whenever it is possible is one of the most obvious signs that a girl likes you. Physical contact is a very intimate thing that a girl can strive for only if she feels sympathy for the person. They try to avoid any physical contact if they don’t feel safe, or they feel uncomfortable. So, if she touches your shoulder and hand while you are talking or joking, as well as strives to hug you at a meeting, then she is not indifferent to you.

2. She starts blushing when you meet

She can hardly control it since it’s one of the subconscious reactions of the body when we see the object of adoration. It happens along with a bit dilated pupils and elevated heart rate. However, rosy cheeks are much more visible and show her sympathy right away, especially if it’s not hot inside the room, and she didn’t come back from jogging 5 minutes ago.

3. She makes prolonged eye contact

Imagine a situation: you have decided to hang out with your friends in a bar and noticed a charming stranger at the next table. How to understand whether it’s worth ordering a drink and approach her? Notice whether you have made eye contact several times in a row. If she doesn’t look away but stares at you, smiling, then it’s time to act.

4. She smiles at you

Eye contact in combination with a smile is an offer to approach her. Of course, it may happen that she didn’t mean anything like that, but you should try your luck anyway. Usually, women don’t smile at men they don’t like. It helps even with shy girls who feel embarrassed to demonstrate their sympathy in more bold ways. However, such a girl can’t help smiling when she looks at you.

5. Her friends react weirdly to you

A rare girl will keep a secret all her feelings and not share them with her friends. So, the behavior of her close people can become a litmus test for defining the level of her sympathy. Her gal pals may start whispering and gossiping, looking at you when you enter the room or, on the contrary, they may look for an excuse to leave you alone with her.

6. You communicate a lot on social networks

Take a step back and look at your communication as if from the side. Do you chat a lot on social networks? Does she constantly comment on your posts and all the pics on Instagram, and she doesn’t forget to put likes everywhere? Your chat in a messenger works 24/7? Well, it can be a friendly chatting, but the fact she likes your communication says a lot.

7. She answers your messages very quickly

Of course, there is a category of people who don’t part with their phones and instantly reply to everyone. However, usually, women respond immediately only when they like a person very much, while all other people can be put on mute and wait for a message for ages. However, a shy girl can make a pause to not reveal her feelings.

8. She lets you know she is single

She can do that directly or with the help of hints. For example, she may share her desire to visit a new cozy place and add that she doesn’t want to go there alone. Besides, she may try to find out whether you have a girlfriend and whether she has a chance to become one.

9. She laughs at all your jokes

Even famous stand-up comics have bad jokes that don’t evoke a laugh or even a smile. And you say unfunny (just poor) joke, but she continues to laugh, then in combination with previous signs, chances are high she is into you. When a girl likes a guy, he automatically becomes funny and with a great sense of humor.

10. She offers to do something together in the future

If a girl likes you, then she may offer you some joint pastime, for example, to go to the cinema or cook Belgian waffles. She will not offer such things to a person she doesn’t like. If you have some doubts, you can ask her whether it will be considered a date.


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