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Keeping your home free from allergies does not necessarily have to mean compromising on comfort and style. In fact, with improved developments in anti-allergy methods and materials for the home, you can enjoy a wonderful and inviting space, that feels safe and relaxing at all times. Read on for some tips on how you can keep your home feeling luxurious, without having to suffer the common symptoms of allergic irritants.

Introduce more plants into your home

Adding greenery to your indoor spaces has been found to have a wide variety of benefits, from improving the look of a room, making it feel spacious and brighter, to boosting energy levels, productivity, and even helping to reduce stress and improve your mood.

One of the main benefits of adding houseplants to a room is that they are also great air purifiers, depending on the type of plant you may choose. Many plants will help to keep your air humidity levels in balance and prevent a room from feeling too dry, as they release moisture into the air around them. Others can even trap irritants within their leaves, or occasionally, in the case of carnivorous plants, they may even consume any stray insects around. You may however want to avoid plants with high pollen flowers, such as lilies, as they can be heavily scented, and may cause more irritation.

Invest in an air filtration system

Having a reliable and effective air filtration system in place such as those from Action Furnace can make a vastly positive impact on the overall feel of your home. Depending on your personal requirements, there are many ways to approach air filtration, from simply adding a humidifier to keep moisture in the air, to tackling micro particles with a robust extraction system.

By taking care of air quality in your home, you can help to reduce the appearance of common symptoms of allergic reactions to household irritants. In combination with a comprehensive cleaning plan, you can make your home feel truly wonderful.

Choose safe and stylish furniture

Furnishings are the key to making a mark in any space, and naturally, you will want to use the furniture you choose to create a sense of your own personality in your home. While furniture trends change every year, it’s worth investing in high quality pieces that are made of materials that will stand the test of time, and can be easily and regularly cleaned.

While you can choose to add dust covers and protective layers to minimize the presence of allergens such as dust mites, it’s often better to swap soft furnishings covered in fabric for smooth, easy to clean options such as leather. As this can be wiped clean in moments, you are less likely to have dust accumulating there.

It’s also best to avoid too much clutter. Not only will this keep a place looking calmer and tidier, it is also less likely to attract copious amounts of dust.


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