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Do you own a business or establishment with a public facing commercial bathroom? If you do this article will convince you to keep it clean and show you how to affordably.

Maintaining a Clean Commercial Space

Maintaining a clean and sanitary commercial bathroom is crucial and not just about creating a pleasant environment for your visitors.

It’s also about upholding public health standards and ensuring your visitors are safe from the transmission of any disease or bacteria.

A well-kept and sanitary bathroom can leave a lasting impression on your clients, employees, and any other visitor that steps foot into your business facility.

As an important aspect of hygiene and cleanliness, the condition of your commercial bathroom reflects the overall care your business takes towards health and well-being and customers can sense this. The moment someone walks into your commercial washroom, are they disgusted, or do they feel safe to do their personal business? As a business owner you must ask yourself this question and make sure you come back with the right answer.

All Commercial Washrooms Apply

Whether you run a restaurant, office, hotel, retail shop, or any other commercial establishment, the following information will help you determine if you’re doing your visitors a favor or whether you have to step of your game and better maintain a clean, hygienic, and safe bathroom experience for them.

Promoting Hygiene Practices

One of the first things you can do as a business owner is to promote and encourage proper hygiene practices in your public washrooms.

Add Signage

To get this ball rolling you can start by adding clearly written signage that remines visitors to wash their hands thoroughly before exiting the bathroom.

This first little step will start the process of reminding employees and visitors that cleanliness is important – to you and your business.

You can also install a very inexpensive hand sanitizer dispenser and place it near the signage. Having a sanitizer dispenser readily available as visitors are walking in and out of the washroom can have quite a positive impact in a short period of time.

Hygiene should be a shared responsibility among all who use the bathroom and the only way to really push the idea of sanitary cleanliness is by constant but casual reminders.

Regular Cleaning Schedule

This is probably even better than adding reminder signage because it shows your visitors and employees two things. First it shows your employees that you truly do mean business when you say you want to keep the bathrooms clean, so this will compel them to do the same. Secondly it shows both visitors and employees that you really are willing to keep the washroom clean because it is cleaned on a regular schedule that they’ll all see.

Cleaning frequency

The frequency with which you have the washroom cleaned will depend on how heavily the bathroom is used. It’s obvious that high-traffic bathrooms will require multiple cleanings compared to bathrooms that only need to be cleaned once a week.

Regardless of how heavy traffic is or how much rubbish builds up, an established cleaning schedule is a must. Having one will ensure all the sinks, toilet bowls, urinals, faucets, and other frequently touched surfaces will be given the attention they need to reflect a sanitary environment.

Install a High-end Hand Dryer

If you haven’t installed a commercial hand-dryer in your public washrooms, it’s time to get on it. It’s the number one piece of equipment that will enhance the sanitariness of your bathroom and give off the right impression to your employees and visitors – without a doubt.

Most modern commercial hand dryers are incredibly efficient at effectively minimizing the spread of bacteria and airborne disease. They also prevent any messes caused by discarded paper towels and they help reduce the frequency of cleaning and restocking required cleaning products.

High-Quality Cleaning Products

Not all cleaning products are created equal. You could start with low-grade and cheap cleaning products or services, but nothing compares to professional-grade cleaning agents.

Professional-grade cleaning products are specifically designed to eliminate harmful bathroom related bacteria and viruses and made to reduce the spread illnesses. They’re also much better at removing tough and stubborn grime than the cheaper solvents.

You can even see and smell the difference in a bathroom when proper products are used.

What to do next?

Maintaining a clean and sanitary commercial bathroom requires a bit of work but it’s not hard to do or get started. Simply get your pen and paper out and list off the few things we mentioned in this article, and if you find your own ideas for keeping a business bathroom clean, feel free to comment below.


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