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When it comes to the success of a business, the first impression is everything. Therefore, ensuring the appearance of your business premises looks incredible is the way to go. To make this a reality, there are plenty of factors to consider. That’s why this article contains important facts about ways to improve the exterior space of a business building and why it is important to do.

How your business premises looks like reflects a lot about the way you actually conduct your business. If the physical appearance looks pathetic, you might lose business because potential clients will not take you seriously. Beyond that, if you are renting out the space, business people will shy away from renting your space because they are afraid their businesses may not thrive in such a poorly maintained environment.

To help you create an impressive building exterior appearance for your clients or even renters, here are vital aspects and tips for your inspiration.

Maintain tidiness

While there are so many things you can do to improve the exterior appearance of your business premises, if the area is not clean and tidy, none of those things will make an impact. The surrounding area of that business premise has to be clean all the time. Clear any clutter and if there are flowers, make sure they are pruned to the ideal size. You can even assign someone whose work is to maintain cleanliness in that area all the time.

Improve lighting

Lighting has a great impact on any commercial building particularly at night when natural light is not available. Using soft white light can add a touch of elegance to your building and amazingly improve décor. When putting the outdoor lighting, don’t be so considerate with their functionality until you forget about their appearance. As much as their functionality is important, how they make the building appear is also important. Remember this is a commercial building and not a private property.

Unlike your home where you may not be concerned with how your guests feel when they visit you, you need to be more concerned with the comfort of your clients when they visit your business premises. Otherwise, your business will start to perform poorly and you won’t know what could be the problem. Some types of lights you should ensure are properly installed in your commercial building should include security lights, wall lights, outdoor ceiling lights and path lighting.

GRP grating

Another unique way to beautify the exterior appearance of your commercial building is to improve the outdoor flooring. The exterior flooring of a commercial building should not only be attractive but it should also be very strong and durable. Furthermore, choosing the best flooring option for your business premises can help you improve the value of your property.

With so many types of flooring to choose from, you may get confused along the way and make a bad choice. However, with GRP grating you have nothing to worry about. The impressive feature of this type of floor is that it can be used anywhere. GRP flooring is strong and can withstand harsh weather conditions. It is waterproof and highly resistant to corrosion. Meaning, there will be no need to worry about it getting damaged in damp areas. The flooring surfaces come in different patterns and so it won’t be difficult to get the surface of your choice. For all your commercial property exterior flooring needs, GRP grating has got you covered.

Play around with colours

A thoughtful exterior colour of a commercial building can have a fantastic effect on the vibe of your business. Colour can reflect the nature of the business or how passionate you are to serve your clients. Painting the exterior can be quite pricey and that’s why it is important to choose the colours wisely. This is not something you want to do too often. If you can have colours that will last for a while, the better.

When looking for the colours to use for your building, ask yourself whether you want to go for basic or bold colours. Both of them are great but you need to know what you want to achieve after painting the building. A good colour combination can help hide some imperfections in your commercial building.

Experts recommend the use of two shades of the same colour as the most effective and safest approach. For instance, if you choose to use a darker shade for the body, then use a lighter shade for the trim job. You can also use a contrasting colour to interpose the entrance area just in case you want to spice up things even more. If you want to create a cosy entrance, then use a bright fresh white paint. The colour does magic to the clients’ eyes. You can also ask an expert to recommend the best combination of colours for your commercial property depending on your taste, preference and the impression you want to create to your clients.

Design a unique entrance

The entrance to your business building should be one of a kind. An extraordinary entrance will make the building stand out from the rest. First, make sure the front door is well painted with two shades or tints. Bold contrasting colours can make your entryway super welcoming. If fact, always ensures the entrance area colours are way bolder than the rest of the building area. Since bolder colours attract the eyes, it will be easier for clients to know where the entrance is even without asking for direction. A very crucial aspect in any commercial building out there.


These days, most commercial buildings don’t include soil and grass but even at that, landscaping design is still important. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated, just some few items and the outcome will be incredible. For example, a few potted plants around the exterior of the building can break the monotony of a typical concrete building. The plants can also add a breath of fresh air in the environment.

Other landscaping things you should consider are sculptures, fountains and statues. Such items can beautifully add visual interest to your business premises and transform a typical appearance to an impressive one.

You also need to have some nice outdoor furniture. Although they are not a must-have, their availability allows the tenants, employees or clients to relax, hold meetings or casual discussions in a very pleasant atmosphere. This is one feature that can greatly attract people to your property.

The bottom line

Some of the things mentioned above require money. Over the same, even if your budget cannot accommodate them all, purpose to do one at a time. Give yourself a timeline and work towards it. If you stick to your plan and maintain a clean environment, you will soon become the envy of your competitors.


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