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Are you someone that struggles with dry and flaky skin? If so it may be because your skin isn’t properly hydrated.

We have all been there and dry skin can be uncomfortable and even difficult to get around when applying makeup. The good thing is that we are here to help by giving you the top tips on how to hydrate skin. To see what our tips our keep reading below.

Choose the Correct Moisturizer for Your Skin

One of the most important things professionals will tell you to do when it comes to hydrating your skin is to moisturize. This can be a bit annoying, especially if you think some moisturizers make you oily or dry you out.

The truth is that there is a moisturizer for everyone, you just need to select the correct one for your skin type. There are moisturizers, especially for combo, dry, oily, normal, and sensitive skin types.

For those who have dry skin try to use a thicker moisturizer. If you have oily skin, you should use a lightweight moisturizer that is mattifying.

According to, if you suffer from combo skin then you may need two separate moisturizers that tend to the different patches on your face. For sensitive skin, you should be steering clear of any moisturizers that have alcohol or fragrance as these will irritate your skin and make hydrating uncomfortable.

Some of the best moisturizers for most skin types are water-based. They are usually formulated withy Hyaluronic Acid which puts moisture into the skin.

Drink Plenty of Water to Hydrate Your Skin and Body

One foolproof way to keep your skin hydrated is to keep your body hydrated. Since our bodies are mostly water, they need to be replenished to help hydrate the skin as well as other parts of our bodies.

You should be drinking around 64 ounces of water a day. The best way to do this is to keep track of your water intake in the right tumbler or keep a journal where you can physically track it.

Skip Hot Showers That Strip Hydrating Oils From Your Skin

If you have no idea what’s drying your skin out, the answer may be in your shower routine. The cold, hard facts are that when you take a hot shower or bath you’re stripping your skin of natural oils. These natural oils are ones that provide the skin with moisture.

When showering, bathing, or washing your face you should be mindful not to use hot water. The water should be warm but not steaming hot.

Pay Attention to the Ingredients in Your Skincare

When it comes to moisturizing the skin most people have a vigorous skincare routine to help put moisture into their skin and to keep it there. If you’re one of these people but have noticed that your skin isn’t getting hydrated the problem may be with the products you’re using.

Whenever buying skincare products you should always look at the ingredients list and be aware of what you’re putting on your skin. You will want to make sure you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients and also ensure that these ingredients aren’t drying you out.

Ingredients such as olive oil, jojoba, and aloe are very moisturizing for the skin and will help to hydrate it. Any products that contain Ceramides are also ideal since they are lipids in the skin’s top layer that can lead to dehydration when stripped.

Also, keep an eye out for Humectants. Humectants help to pull water into the top layer of your skin. Examples of Humectants are glycerin, squalane, and salicylic acid.

Try Putting a Humidifier in Your Room

If you’ve changed your skincare routine, found the right moisturizer for your face, are drinking 64 ounces of water a day, and are buying the best ingredients for your skin without any change in hydration there is another option – a humidifier. If all these options seem to be fruitless you can try to make your environment wetter, hoping your skin will react and maintain moisture.

Since humidifiers emit steam to create a more humid atmosphere, this humid atmosphere can help to hydrate your skin by just being in it. Especially if you live in a place where climates are colder, you should be using a humidifier to help hydrate your skin during these cold spells.

Use Facial Sprays

If you’re always on the go you should really keep a small bottle of facial spray in your bag. It will prove to be useful when you’re in between meetings or clients and your facw feels a bit tight because it’s drying out.

Facial sprays are great to use in the middle of the day when your skin needs that extra jolt of hydration. The best part is that these sprays are light enough that they will provide you with the moisture you need while keeping your makeup intact.

Now You Know How to Hydrate Skin

We have given you the best tips on how to hydrate skin effectively. From making the environment in your home humid to put moisture back into the skin to paying attention to what’s in the products you buy, we have provided you with the top tips to hydrate your skin.

I look forward to hearing your success stories and seeing your hydrated and flawless skin. For more fashion and beauty tips be sure to check out the rest of my blog.


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