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Heading to the beach with kids but don’t know how to keep them entertained? Luckily, the water and the sand will keep them occupied for a while, but there are some things you can do to prepare better.

From packing toys and tons of snacks to making sure everyone naps during the day, you can still have fun at the beach without meltdowns and tantrums. To make sure the kids are protected from the sun, don’t forget sunscreen, rashguards, a sun umbrella, or a pop-up tent that the kids can sit or nap in.

Keep reading to learn about the best ways to have fun with your kids at the beach and make memories that last a lifetime.

Make a Plan

The number one rule for going to the beach with kids is to make a plan for the day. Though plans don’t always work if you have little kids, you can still have something to rely on if things go wrong.

For example, make a packing list for things you need to bring for the kids and yourself. Then, plan where you’ll have lunch, what time the naps will be, and how long the road is. Sticking to the kids’ routine as much as possible will help you and them have a great day at the beach.

Bring Snacks and Juices

Snacks and juice boxes are lifesavers for every parent. Hungry kids can easily become irritated and cranky, but their favorite snacks and juices will help them calm down. Bring as many snacks as you can fit into your bag.

If you have picky eaters, it’s best to make the kids’ lunches at home and put them in an icebox to keep them fresh. Otherwise, you can venture out to a nearby restaurant for lunch and eat together as a family.

A great way to keep kids happy at the beach is ice cream, and this can be a treat to reward great behavior. The kids will love it, especially if they don’t eat ice cream often. Freshly squeezed juices are another great way to keep the kids hydrated and energized.

Bring Beach Toys

While the beach is fun on its own, you should still bring some beach toys to keep the kids occupied in the shade. Think waterproof books, sand toys, water floaties, beach balls, and your kids’ favorite toys.

When the kids get tired from playing in the water, you can read them a book before naptime, offer them a coloring book, or their favorite toy. This is a great way to keep them in the shade when the sun is the harshest and you can also relax a little if they’re next to you where you can see them.

Protect the Kids From the Sun

No matter what time of day you go to the beach, the kids will want to play in the sand and the water. This means they’ll be directly under the sun and need to wear sunscreen along with kids and toddlers rashguards.

Slather a thick layer of sunscreen on them even when they’re in the shade or in their stroller. The sun rays reflect from the water and are equally harmful no matter where on the beach you are. If possible, get a beach umbrella, a small tent, and sun protection covers for your car if it’s parked in the sun all day long.

Do Fun Things Together

Kids see the world differently than adults and are happy with the little things. This is why they can play in the sand and the water all day and forget about the world around them. So why not try and see things from their perspective and have fun with kids at the beach?

Make sandcastles together, play beach games, swim together, dig in the sand, look for shells and rocks, or play frisbee as a family. Spending time together is important, and doing things as a family can strengthen your bond and love for each other.

Make Sure the Kids Take a Nap

After playing in the water for a few hours, the kids will get tired and cranky, so make sure there’s a place for them to take a nap. This can be your car, the beach tent, the stroller, or even the sand if your towels are soft enough. Pair this with a comfy nap mat and a small pillow, and your little ones will happily fall asleep.

Don’t forget to protect them from the sun while they’re napping, so slather on the sunscreen generously. Even in the shade, the sun rays reflect from the water surface and can be harmful to the kids’ sensitive skin.

Leave Early

Leaving the house with kids and getting ready for the beach is like a neverending race. If you don’t leave early, you probably won’t leave at all. To make sure you get an early start at the beach, get the car and bags ready the night before. Put everything in the trunk so the next morning when the kids wake up, all you need to do is get them dressed and head out the door.

You can also get the snacks and lunchboxes ready the night before so you don’t have to eat breakfast at home. If you have slightly older kids, let them know you’re going to the beach the next day. This will get them excited so the next morning they’ll be ready to leave before you know it.

These Ideas Will Inspire You to Have Fun With Your Kids at the Beach

Whether this is your first beach day with a new baby or have taken your kids at the beach before, you can always find fun things to do for the entire family. From building sandcastles together to packing all the snacks you can get, beach days as a family will become some of your fondest memories.

Want more ideas for fun things to do? Check out the other articles I’ve written on these topics and stay tuned for more news and trends.


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