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Do you know what’s so awesome about smiling?

Maybe you’ve heard that smiling can make you look younger and thinner. Perhaps, you’ve also read that smiling can help elevate mood and relieve stress. Smiling also boosts overall health by helping your immune system function better and lowering your blood pressure.

With so many benefits, why wouldn’t anyone want to smile more?

The thing is some people are self-conscious about their smiles. It could be because of missing teeth, tooth discoloration, dental alignment problems, etc.

For teeth alignment issues, you’re in luck. Here we’ll talk about how to get straight teeth, focusing on your best options.

When you want to get straighter teeth, you have two main options: the traditional way which involves braces, and the newer way which is more convenient and involves clear aligners. Both options are effective, so your choice will come down to your budget, how often you can visit your orthodontist, and your desired outcome.

Straighten Your Teeth With Traditional Braces

For braces, you might be glad to know that it’s possible for your insurance to cover them. Aside from teeth straightening, braces can also correct certain dental problems such as overcrowding and spacing, misaligned jaw, overbites, and underbites, etc.

Still, there are downsides. For example, most dental braces are visible. They’re also non-removable, and treatment time can last as long as 2 years.

If you want to get non-visible braces, you can go for lingual ones, which are placed on the back of the mouth. However, not all orthodontists offer them, and they also cost more than metal or ceramic braces.

How to Get Straight Teeth With Clear Aligners

If you find braces too much of a hassle to wear, clear aligners like Invisalign are a good alternative. They might also cost less than braces if your teeth alignment problem can be classified as mild to moderate.

You see, clear aligners are very convenient to use. Since they’re removable, eating, drinking, and maintaining good oral hygiene aren’t a problem. They’re also not as visible compared to traditional braces.

Keep in mind though that if you don’t wear them enough, they’re not going to be effective. The recommended amount of time they should be worn is 22 hours daily.

You also need to get new aligner trays every two to three weeks. Some patients report feeling uncomfortable when trying out a new set of clear aligners. To know more about Invisalign, you can check out https://brighamortho.com/.

Ready to Achieve Your Dream Smile?

Now that you know how to get straight teeth, don’t hesitate to learn more about your options. Whether you opt to go the traditional route or go for clear aligners, you won’t regret your choice since they’re both effective at correcting teeth alignment problems.

Just remember to crunch the numbers and to choose an experienced orthodontist who can work with your budget. You may also want to visit dental blogs and forums to learn tips and advice on how to save on treatment costs.

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