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As with any clothing, stains from lipstick, lip gloss, and greasy stains may appear on the jacket. When an ordinary washing does not help, you have to start thinking outside the box. How?

Today we will consider how to remove the greasy stains from the jacket. If this information is not enough for you, more information, you can find here in this article.

What should you do before the cleaning process itself?

So that the spot does not increase in size, we try to wash it out from the edge to the center of the dirty area.

To remove your stains quickly, the following should be considered:

  • as much as possible we scrape the inner layers of the jacket
  • we use only clean and white cloth or cotton pads
  • wipe the dirt first with a dry cloth, then with a damp one
  • cleaning is done from the edge of the stain, while moving to the center
  • place the sponge on the bottom side of the contaminated area, and it will absorb the stain

Do not use metal brushes and rough materials, they can leave scratches;

The main rule when you start removing stains is speed. The faster you start the cleaning process, the more likely it is that the stain will completely disappear. More cleaning tips can be found at beezzly here.

How to remove grease stains from the jacket?

For this, the products that are in every home are useful to us. Using them, you can clean the dirty areas with your own hands without dry cleaning services.

The advantage of such hacks is price and affordability.

The disadvantage is that some methods are quite aggressive: if you do not act according to the instructions, then you can ruin the thing forever.

Recipe 1. Dishwashing Detergent

Step 1

We take any detergent. The brand does not matter here. The main thing is that it has to be liquid or gel.

Step 2

To remove grease stain you will need a concentrated solution.
We make foam from the detergent, apply the foam on a sponge or cloth flap.

Step 3

Wipe off the dirt with a soapy sponge. Leave the clothes for a few minutes.

Step 4

We remove the soap solution first with a damp rag, then with a dry.

Recipe 2. Salt

If you have just dropped something fat on the jacket and there is salt at hand, use it in the contaminated area.

Salt absorbs fat as much as possible, and the jacket will be easier to bring back to normal. Salt perfectly absorbs fresh spots of fat.

If the stain is old, prepare a slurry of salt:

  • Dilute one tablespoon of salt with water
  • Apply the mixture to the problem area
  • Leave everything for about one hour
  • Remove the dried solution with a brush
  • Treat the stain with a soda solution

Proportions: 1 teaspoon per 200 ml of water. Now it remains only to wash the jacket.

To enhance the effect, you can add starch and lemon juice:

  • Mix starch and salt in a ratio of 1:1
  • dilute everything with lemon juice to a state of thick sour cream
  • Apply to a contaminated place
  • Leave until completely dry
  • Wipe with a damp sponge

Lemon juice and starch enhance the effect of salt and help to remove stubborn stains

Recipe 3. Soap

Laundry soap helps to remove a greasy stain:

  • Rub the soap on a grater – two tablespoons
  • Dissolve soap in 200 ml of water
  • Threat the stain with a sponge moistened in a solution. Move from the edge to the center
  • Rinse the area with clean water

A liquid soap may come in for if you do not have a laundry soap. The principle of operation is the same.

Liquid soap is also able to remove dirt from clothing.

Recipe 4. Lemon

Dried spots can be removed with lemon juice:

  • Wet our stain with sour lemon juice and leave for 30-40 minutes
  • Then you need to wash the jacket from it

Replacing natural lemon juice with citric acid is strictly prohibited! The item will be damaged forever.

Recipe 5. Alcohol and Peroxide

Ammonia and hydrogen peroxide – a duet that will clean out even the most stubborn and old spot:

Step 1

We mix in equal amounts the two ingredients.

Step 2

With a cotton pad, we apply the mixture to to our stain. Leave for 40 minutes.

Step 3

Clean the jacket in the washing machine thus we will reduce the smell of ammonia.

If the grease stain has not left for the first time, then repeat the procedure.

Recipe 6. Household chemicals

A grease stain on the jacket can be removed not only with folk remedies, but also with professional detergents.

Stain removers first need to be tested on the bottom side of clothing to find out the reaction. The instructions on the package will tell you which spots are best removed with this product and how to apply it.

Stain removers can be quick and do a great job with stains.

Recipe 7. Talc and chalk

A mixture of talc and chalk will help get rid of greasy spots. Grind the ingredients in equal proportions.


  • apply the powder to the stain
  • put a blank sheet of paper or a napkin on top
  • press a napkin with a heavy object, for example, a stack of books
  • leave overnight
  • wash properly in the washing machine

Chalk + talcum powder can remove stains in one night!

Always choose quality detergents. Give preference to gel or liquid detergents. They are completely soluble in water and rinsed well.
Dry the item properly. After washing, hang the jacket on the coat hanger. Knead the filler with your hands periodically so that the fluff does not pile up.
Select the desired washing machine mode. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations indicated on the product label.


We talked about seven hacks of getting rid of oily stains from your favorite jacket.

By the way, the methods described above can be combined!


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