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Whether it is a new year’s resolution or you are just trying to make your lifestyle healthier it is more than likely that you need to start implementing good and healthy habits. However, oftentimes many people find that they implement this habit for a week or a couple of days and then it falls off of their radar. Here is how you can form healthy habits that actually stick!

Start Off Small

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was a healthy lifestyle. A big mistake that many people make when trying to make their lives healthier is that they radically change their lives by making too many lifestyle changes at once. A way that you can set yourself up for success is by making one change at a time. This makes these changes seem more manageable, and you will be more likely to continue with this change long term. An example of this is if you are wanting to eat healthier you should start off by making sure you eat a vegetable everyday and then slowly build from there. “Keeping this in mind, our 90-day residential program offers nutrition classes to our clients so that they can progressively transform their diet and more importantly sustain it once they return home”, says Mat Gorman, CEO at Briarwood Detox.

Remind Yourself to Follow Through

The next important step to make when forming healthy habits that stick is to remind yourself everyday to actually follow through. For example, if you are wishing to eat healthier and are starting out with making sure that you eat vegetables then eating a vegetable with every meal is a great way to remind yourself to do this. You already are gouging to be eating meals, so implementing eating vegetables into your already set routine will make this new habit easier to start. You will also be more likely to continue with this healthy habit long term.

Establish the Change Into Your Set Routine

As mentioned before, new healthy habits are much more likely to stick if you implement them into your routine that has already been established. This way your life doesn’t change too much with this new change and you are more likely to get used to it and continue with this change long term.

Keep At It!

The final step to forming healthy habits that actually stick is to just keep at it! Over time these changes will develop into being just another part of your everyday routine and part of sober living.

Reap the Rewards!

After following these steps the last thing that is left to do is to reap the rewards of your healthy habits and lifestyle changes.


Attempting to make healthy habits and lifestyle changes is an extremely common thing, especially when a new year rolls around. However, these new habits unfortunately fall off the radar after a short amount of time. There is a way that you can make new healthy habits that actually stick though. These include starting out with small changes, reminding yourself to follow through with this change consistently, implementing this change into your routine, and keeping up with this new habit. Once you feel comfortable with this change you should build on this to form an even healthier lifestyle slowly over time.


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