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Same-sex marriages are no more taboo. It has become increasingly visible these days. The practice has moved from just acceptance to normalization. It is happening in every walk of life, from entertainment to education, from the marketplace to the media. But often the child doesn’t have a clear idea about same-sex marriages. They need to be explained.

Many parents find it awkward and difficult to talk to their kids about sexual orientation or same sex marriages especially when they are older. They feel shy when it comes to talking about gay and lesbians. In such an instance, you can check out essay examples on same sex marriages where you will find the writers explaining it in easy and simple language. Reading them even once can prove to be quite effective.

Essays will provide you additional knowledge on the topic. You will also come across essay topics that talk about how you can talk to your children about. The samples will serve as a guide.

Now, the United States Supreme Court has made civil marriage between same-sex couples legal across the nation.

How to Talk to Your Kids about Sexual Orientation?

For talking to kids explain gay marriage, you can ask them whom they think about when they consider being romantically involved, male or female, or neither.

You can explain to them that sexual orientation is romantic and physical attraction. It is different from gender identity. Some terms that you can include while talking about sexual orientation are gay, lesbian, bisexual, heterosexual, and pansexual.

You should talk to your kid about it early on. This is one of the topics that come under reproductive or sexual health. So, it should be several conversations over time. As your child grows older, you can have deeper conversations. By the start of their puberty, your goal should be to have different mini conversations on this topic. This is because it is one of the best ways for setting the foundation of a healthy relationship with their own body and friends.

Instead of having a formal sit-down conversation explaining gay to a child, look for teachable moments. For instance, when your daughter tells you that she has a crush on someone; it can serve as a teachable moment.

How to Explain Homosexuality to a Child?

Often kids ask you questions that you are unprepared or uncomfortable to answer. Parents are generally worried about how to explain homosexuality to a child. Children come to know about homosexuality through TV or friends. They might get to hear certain terms or words but they will not know what it actually means. Social media has served as a social change. Kids look to their parents for explanations about sexual orientation and gender identity.

Unfortunately except for a few essay examples and research papers, there are not many resources that will help parents to explain to their kids.

In case you are wondering how to explain sex to a 3rd grader, you first need to understand certain terms. A majority of the people are aware of the basic definition compromising the abbreviation of LGBTQ. Nevertheless, there are several terminologies that you have to familiar with. One of the primary misunderstood concepts is the difference between gender identity, sex, gender expression, gender identity, and sexual orientation.

Terms Related to Sexual Orientation

Usually, a medical provider will assign you biological anatomy at birth on paper. But it is the behavior, attitudes, and feelings that every culture attributes to the biological sex of a person. Gender identity is what the person feels that they are inside. Just the individuals will be able to say what their gender identity is. Usually, kids come to know their gender identity by the age of 5.

Now, let’s get on to the terms.

  • Lesbian: A woman sexually attracted to another woman
  • Gay: Used for referring to a man attracted to another man
  • Asexual: A person not attracted to anyone sexually, irrespective of their gender identity
  • Transgender: Used for referring to a person whose gender identity doesn’t match the sex that has been given to him or her during birth
  • Pansexual: A person attracted to people, irrespective of their gender identity
  • Cisgender: Someone whose experiences of their gender agree with the sex that they had been provided with during birth
  • Gender Non-Confirming: A person identifying as both gender

Tips on How to Talk to Your Kid about Same-Sex Marriage

Preparing a list of questions about gay marriage is not enough; here are a few tips you have to follow to develop a base for your kid.

  • Start early on and have an age-appropriate and open discussion.
  • Listen to what your kid has to say as it will help in understanding what the child is asking.
  • Whenever you are answering your kid, you should answer truthfully. Make sure you encourage your child to ask questions.
  • It should be an ongoing conversation and not a one-time discussion.


Talking to your kid about sexual orientation and same-sex marriage might seem uncomfortable but it is not. With the help of these tips, you can have an age-appropriate conversation.


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