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As the new year rolls on, you’re probably feeling the pressure of trying to stick to your new workout plan, maintain a balanced diet, and keep up with the daily demands of shuttling your kids to and from school, all while trying to find the time and energy for your projects at work. The start of a new year often brings a renewed sense of motivation and determination to make positive changes in our lives, but it can be challenging to balance our own goals and aspirations with the day-to-day responsibilities of being a parent and a working professional. As you respond to the day-to-day needs of your family and keep your children feeling great with Wellements multivitamin drops, you might forget that the new year presents lots of opportunities for your children to set and achieve goals too. Keep reading to find helpful tips on how to encourage your children to have healthy new year resolutions.

Be a Resolution Role Model

The first step in getting your kids to invest in making resolutions is to model the behavior you want to see. Children are expert copycats. Whatever they see in their daily lives quickly gets digested and becomes part of their reality. If you’re someone who benefits from making resolutions each year, then share this process with your entire family. Even children as young as seven can get on the resolution-making fun.

When you’re planning out what you want to achieve in the new year, make sure you set feasible goals that are grounded in self-acceptance and love. Instead of writing down that you hope to lose fifty pounds, make it a goal to try five new types of exercise until you find something you enjoy doing. By showing your children that health is more than just weight, you can help them understand the true meaning of wellbeing.

Make Fun New Goals

Don’t underestimate the power of fun when it comes to making resolutions with your children. While Wellements has your immune-boosting and infant needs covered, the fun of resolutions starts at home. Planning out your goals for the new year shouldn’t be boring. If your children end up with lists that only relate to their performance in school and their chores at home, they might lose motivation.

Make sure your children include fun activities as part of their goals for the year. Bonus points if any of the activities are things you can do as a family. Any of the following ideas are sure to be a hit:

  • Make at least one artwork to give as a gift
  • Visit the public library once a month
  • Take photos during family outings
  • Check out the new exhibit at the museum
  • Teach your sibling how to play a sport

Create a Resolution Calendar

The last step of your resolution challenge is to help your children create a calendar so they can see exactly how much time they have to complete each goal. Some resolutions might be better suited to a particular season or are centered around a specific event or holiday. Charting out your year is a great opportunity to discuss the differences between short and long-term goals with your children. They’ll be able to visualize the steps they need to take to achieve their goals.

How do you become a mindfulness model for kids? It’s not as difficult as you might think. Start the new year with a positive mindset and an eye toward a healthy future by making sure your children have all the nutrients and guidance they need.


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