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Our homes are a reflection of who we are, so it is important to create a space we feel comfortable in. You can do it quite easily by using simple ideas that won’t affect your budget at all. Small things can freshen up any room and make it feel refined.

Whether you have been looking at the photos of beautifully decorated homes and want to amp up your living space, or just moved into a new apartment, these quick tips can help you create a room of your dreams. They are quick, fun, and budget-friendly. So keep reading!

Update your bed

If you are trying to make your bedroom appear bigger, the quickest way to do so is by removing your clunky bedframe and trying out thin height box spring. This quick bedroom makeover will turn the small space into a cozy nest where you would want to spend all of your time. Adding a low boxspring will give you more options for decorating your bedroom.

For instance, if you already have a beautiful headboard and want to show it off, a low profile boxspring is the way to go. The mattress will be positioned way lower than usual, so your headboard will become the central piece. This means you can add a nightstand as well! It will look more proportional with a bed positioned closer to the ground.


Mirrors are miracle makers when it comes to small spaces. They will open up any room and make it appear wider as well as bigger. Additionally, you will get more light, which is always welcome. Mirrors are very simple but effective as a decor piece. And you can place them in any room of your home.

If you don’t already have a mirror near your closet, you should find some room for it. There are so many frames and designs to choose from so you can find one that will go with the rest of your room decor. You should think about placing a mirror in your living room too, especially if you want to add more light to it.

Don’t forget the rug

According to Cosmopolitan, every room needs a rug in order to feel balanced and complete. It will add comfort to any space and make your feet warmer. You can play around with textures and colors which is always fun.

So find a rug that will match the rest of your room decor if you want to keep things clean and simple. Or go for a wild and unusual pattern to make your living space more interesting. You can even layer up two or more rugs in the same room, and it will look quite charming.

More pillows

Nothing screams comfort more than a pile of pillows. Of course, you don’t have to go that far when it comes to decorating your space with simple things. Adding a pillow or two to your chairs and sofas can really change up the mood of the room.

If you have your favorite reading chair, throw a pillow on it and see the difference for yourself. Again, you can use colors that might clash with the rest of your room decor to make space look quirky and authentically yours. Let your imagination run free with this one, and you will love the results.

Hang the fairy lights

Fairy lights are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they can be a nice light source for any room of the house. They are very trendy at the moment according to BuzzFeed, and you can use them in numerous ways. You can really get creative with fairy lights and decorate a room in your own way.

For instance, string the fairy lights around your mirror, and it will look magical. You can light up your working space with them as well by gluing the lights to the wall. Or if you want a unique lamp somewhere in your house, place the fairy lights into a mason jar. The soft light will make any space feel cozy and welcoming.

The importance of wall art

If you are wondering how to decorate a room with simple things, it is best to start with wall art. We all have different taste when it comes to decor, and some of us might want to keep their walls as clean as possible. But wall art truly does complete the space.

You can add one large piece of wall art or play around with smaller pieces to create a personal gallery. If you are unable to afford wall art at the moment, go for cheaper alternatives. Use your own photos or print out the art pieces you like. Plus, there are always movie posters which look incredible!

The final word

There are so many ways you can decorate a room with simple things. There is no need to spend a lot of money on huge statement pieces. You can still get interesting room decor that is also affordable. Small changes can do wonders for any room of your home. So combine your imagination with our suggestions and your living space will look beautiful and fresh in no time.


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