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For most of us, stress is an unavoidable part of student life and the entire educational system. At times this stress is even transferred on to the parent or guardian. Therefore it is important to address the symptoms as well as the problem.

The stress of homework can have many detrimental effects on students. It can cause depression and fatigue along with various other physical and mental health issues. It can even develop resentful emotions against the educational system. In extreme situations, it can even lead to suicidal thoughts.

There can be many reasons for the stress caused by homework. It can be the amount of homework, its difficulty, or the level of expectation placed on the student. Homework is given utmost importance in schools and colleges, stating its importance in a student’s educational as well as future life. But in truth, it is only one of the determining factors in a student’s success in the educational institute and life. In general, homework should not be prioritized over proper eating and sleeping as it can have ill effects of mental and physical health.

Although there is no assured way to get rid of stress completely, there are some methods to avoid the overwhelming sense of stress caused by homework.

Good Time Management

Proper routines and schedules might not be able to solve every problem you face, but they can surely prove more than helpful when you are trying to deal with homework. Drawing a proper routine for your homework might sound basic, but they serve as reminders for assignment due dates and save you from the last-minute pressure, which is the most common form of homework related stress. Schedules and routines can also help you to keep a watch on the time taken for the completion of each assignment.

Get Help

Do not shy away from getting outside help for the completion of your homework. You can approach your teachers and professors with questions you might have regarding the assignment, or if you are feeling stuck at a particular topic. You can also get help from professionals who provide homework help online. Trying to tackle every homework on your own can cause a fair amount of pressure and unnecessary stress. Getting help online or from your professors will enhance your ability to complete the assignment as well as understand the subject better.

Remove Distractions

Before you start with your homework, make sure that you remove all kinds of distractions from your vicinity. It can be a cluttered workspace, your phone, laptop, games, or anything else that can distract you from the assignment at hand. These distractions can not only prolong the time you take to complete the assignments, but they can also cause additional stress. Unnecessary noise or clutter on your workstation can increase the amount of stress caused by the homework as well as the inability to finish the work on time. A clean and colorful workspace will help you to concentrate on the work at hand.

Get Proper Rest

Make sure that you get proper rest periods between your assignments, but don’t get carried away with it. In case you are feeling overwhelmed by your homework, take a break. Excessive stress can cause unnecessary mental and psychical exhaustion. When you feel exhausted, take a nap or go outside for a walk. You can also indulge in your hobby like photography, cooking, or exercising. It is best to avoid your phone or laptop during this break time because neither of them can help with stress relief.

Talk to Someone

If you are feeling stressed out, talk to someone you are comfortable with. Sharing your stress and discussing the reasons behind it can be therapeutic and make you feel relieved. There might be additional issues clouding your brain along with homework stress. Seeking someone to support you and sharing your thoughts with them will surely make you feel better.

Keep Calm and Move On

Losing it for something as ordinary as homework is just not worth it. In case you are facing a lot of problems with a particular work, leave it aside for later and come back to it when you feel comfortable again to deal with it or get some help to solve it. Achieving good grades is undoubtedly important, but do not attempt to do so at the cost of your psychical and mental health. Rather it would be wise to set realistic objectives and work towards achieving them.

Stress has always been and will always be a part of student life. While it cannot be eradicated, you can find ways to manage it efficiently. You must remind yourself at times that one particular grade is not more important than your life and happiness.


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