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More and more people are heading online to join the bingo revolution. This classic game is currently growing at a rapid rate and players everywhere can’t seem to get enough of the convenient online versions.

This means that we have more choices than ever before when it comes to choosing bingo sites, yet the wide variety can make selecting a site tough!

In this article, I will provide a guide on how to compare bingo sites so that you can choose better. From the importance of a welcome bonus that suits your needs to the payment options available, online bingo sites have a range of variables that can influence your experience.

So, let’s first take a look at the importance of comparing bingo site welcome bonuses.

Comparing the welcome bonus at bingo sites

Both bingo sites and players alike know that perhaps the one thing that separates online gaming from traditional brick and mortar bingo halls is the allure of a welcome bonus.

Not familiar with the term? No problem! A welcome bonus is simply a way of a bingo site tempting new players to join, usually coming in the form of a deposit match. If I deposit £50 in my bingo account, the bingo site will meet this by anything from 100% up to 500%, depending on the nature of the offer. Basically, a welcome offer provides players at online bingo sites with free credit to enjoy!

It is vital to compare welcome bonuses at different bingo sites before signing up. You only get one shot at a welcome bonus at each site you join, so shop around for the best one first. Comparison portals such as can help players to make a good decision when choosing bingo sites and a welcome bonus.

Comparing the deposit options at bingo sites

When it comes to depositing money into your online bingo site account, you’re going to want a range of options at your disposal. The days of only paying online via credit or debit card are now long gone, with a huge variety of super convenient payment providers vying for your attention!

Regardless of whether you prefer to pay for your bingo via a traditional or modern method, the most important thing is having a wide range of options that you can turn to as and when you feel like.

Comparing bingo site customer service

Often overlooked yet for our money extremely vital, customer service is a key element of any quality online bingo site. When comparing sites, you need to be looking at what types of customer support are provided. This means live chat, telephone, email and more. In fact, the best bingo sites will have all three, or at least two of these.

Another key thing to consider with bingo site customer support is whether or not it is available via mobile, as well as any response times that are noted. Finally, be sure to check out whether customer support is provided in your preferred language, with many of the bigger sites offering a multilingual service to their members from across the planet.


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