leather sofa in living room

Your house would not be complete without a sofa. In fact, a sofa is essential to every household. Whenever you are coming home from a long day of work, your sofa will be the first thing in your house that would greet you. There you can lay down and rest for a bit and be comfortable after a long day. It is also where you and your family gather and spend most of the time in the living room. Sofas are essential, so you have to choose wisely on which couch you will have in your house.

There are a variety of sofas to choose from, but there are two main choices that you should consider. The options are either you will go for a fabric couch or a leather couch. If you prefer a leather couch, you must be going for a classy and vintage look, or you’re willing to invest in a high-quality sofa that could last for years. If you prefer fabric sofas, you have a long list of different textures and styles of fabric to choose from.

Chesterfield sofas is an example of a classic vintage leather couch. You can see them in different styles, sizes and colors. Chesterfield Sofa Company has great options and Kohl’s as well. When you have little kids running around, then a leather sofa is the perfect choice for you because cleaning a leather sofa is easier.

But if you have a leather sofa, it is not the stains and dirt you should be worried about. It is the timeless look that you should always maintain. Having a leather sofa seems like it needs high maintenance, but you can keep your leather sofa clean and in great conditions with proper maintenance and effective methods. Here are 5 ways on how you can clean and maintain your leather sofa.

1. Remove stains immediately and dust it off every week

Remove a stain on your leather sofa by using a soft cloth with damp water. Be careful on using water with different substances such as chlorine, chlorine in tap water might damage your leather sofa if constantly being exposed. You can use a soft cloth or a vacuum equipped with a soft brush for sweeping the dirt and dust. Wipe your leather sofa from dust and to reach smaller areas of your sofa, you can use a vacuum.

2. Apply specialized cleaning products

You cannot always rely on damp water to clean your leather sofa. You can buy specialized cleaning products that can cleanse the upholstery of your sofa. Make sure not to waste too much on all-purpose wipes or spray because they contain different chemicals that can damage the leather. There is this product called the Soft Cleaner product, and it is perfect for cleaning leather sofas.

3. Dry it properly if the leather sofa gets wet

You don’t have to wipe it with dry clothes and especially not let it dry from the sun. You have to let the sofa dry naturally. Also, avoid sitting while the leather sofa is wet because you might ruin the shape of the contours on your leather sofa. You should let it air dry, and you can also open some windows and doors to allow air through your home.

4. Re-apply oil

This may be new to others, but a leather sofa contains oil that needs should be renewed once in a while. The oils are useful for your leather sofa because it will keep the upholstery of your leather sofa soft and supple when you touch it. Make sure not to apply all the time because it can diminish the natural properties of your leather sofa.

5. Position your sofa away from sunlight

In positioning your leather sofa, you have to make sure that it is far away from the sunlight’s reach. The light from the sun is one reason why your leather sofa will be dry and will have cracks. It is not just the sunlight but all heat-releasing sources such as a fireplace or the back of an A/C. There are times where sunlight is unavoidable. If this happens, you can just cover your leather sofa with a cloth and try to minimize the damage as possible.


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